Yep it’s officially on its way, by it I mean Christmas, we’re in November (already) and admit it you’re starting to get excited too. So when I found out about Urban Decay’s Christmas event at Debenham’s Norwich I was pretty excited, especially as if timed just right meant that we’d get to try out the new Urban Decay Heavy Metals palette and glitter liquid eyeliners…urban decay christmas debenhams norwich

This was a bigger event than the ones the team at Debenham’s Norwich usually hold meaning that I could have a couple of friends come with me too, it’s always better to go with a friend right? I was joined by my best friend Tallulah and my mum Justine, both who love everything sparkly as much as me! The event was run by Jessica and Emily as usual and a lady whose name I missed (sorry) who are ever so friendly and made the evening so fun.

It was such a Christmassy event where I met with familiar faces and some new ones too. I love attending events and getting to meet others who share the same love as I do, it really gives me something to look forward to. We were greeted with the option of Prosecco or Orange juice, a stand full of naughty but nice treats and a mini parcel for each of us which contained little samples to try.urban decay christmas debenhams norwich

I wasn’t quite ready for Christmas when I got there but seeing the girls with their sparkly make up, the present boxes and the Christmassy music was something I couldn’t ignore especially as Halloween was over and being a lover of Christmas I didn’t really want to. Plus I couldn’t wait any longer to get my hands on the new Heavy metals Palette.

Our time soon came where we split into three groups (because there were so many of us) and got to watch a tutorial by Emily where I had serious envy for her makeup (as usual). We got to see the new palette and liquid glitter eyeliners in action and had a chance to test out new mini Vice lip sets, lip pallette, lipstick & lip liner sets and much much more.urban decay christmas debenhams norwich

There was 10% off too so it would have been rude not to buy something… I ended up purchasing the Heavy Metals pallette which I convinced myself I needed because it has 20 beautiful colours which are perfect for any occasion! The new palette is SO pigmented as are all the other Urban Decay products I have tried so far, my favourite shades from this set are AMP because it is just so out there and Starfire because it is very Autumnal.

By the time me and mum retreated to dinner we were covered in glitter, lipstick and eyeshadow, all the shopping for Christmas gifts was hard work!

Another thing that I need to mention is that there was a Polaroid camera and booth where we could have our photo taken to bring home, which just made the event just that extra bit special. My mum went to her first bloggers event and I got to give her that experience (courtesy of Urban Decay and Debenham’s) so that was pretty amazing, she said that she was expecting to feel out-of-place but that she was made to feel like she fit in and was meant to be there!urban decay christmas debenhams norwich

Overall we had a great time and I hope that if you ever get the chance to go to an event that you go because it’s so much fun, you get to meet new people and try out products first hand for yourself.

Thank you for reading,

Love Saff x