It’s always a hard decision when it’s time to have your nails done, do I have gel or polish? See I’m not a girly girl but I like to have nice, clean presentable nails. I used to work in a salon and the thought was if someone has unkept nails would you want them near your hair? Because if they can’t look after those then would you want them in charge of your hair, as hair means a lot to a girl. (Well most girls I know anyway) 

So the first thought is, how long do I want my nails to look a certain way? If it’s just for a night then simply polish can do the trick. I like Ciaté London polish, it’s more pricey than the everyday polish you can pick up from the supermarket but it lasts well at around £7 a piece. I was lucky and got an advent calendar full a few years ago and they still work perfectly! 

I also have found that OPI polish is another long lasting one, these come in lovely gift sets if you want minis, or you can buy them individually. You can get them online or instore, however prices can vary depending on the size or where you buy them from.

If you are looking for a cheaper polish Barry M do so many wonderful colours and these are around £3-5 and they do a day curing set that are like gel polish but cure in the sun.

Top tip: ALWAYS make sure to use base coat and top coat as this helps to keep polish on. You wouldn’t put on foundation without prepping your skin and setting it after would you? 

If you are looking for something a bit more long-lasting I recommend gel polish, now it is more exepensive but it lasts so much longer before chipping. It can last up to three weeks, if applied correctly (and you can cope with regrowth). 

Now you’re probably thinking, isn’t gel polish difficult to apply or more expensive to do myself? No it isn’t difficult to apply, but yes initially it is more expensive. However once you have a kit you love all you have to do is buy a new colour when you want a change.

There are SO many brands out there in the world of gel but my current favourite is Blue Sky gel. I  was a bit skeptical at first because it was so cheap, however it is my favourite yet! I have tried Gelish which lasts literally a day on my nails and at £15 a colour I was not impressed. Generation, which only lasted two days and A.S.P polish which lasted a little longer at 2-4 days. But Blue Sky so far lasts the longest for me at 14 days where it starts to peel at £6.50 a bottle.

Out of the two I think standard polish is great if you want to change your nail colour more often or just have something on your nails for a short period. Whereas gel polish is great for a longer lasting finish with less chance of chipping, plus it helps my nails to grow as it is thicker than standard polish. I don’t think there is a better option, it’s down to what you need the product to do for you.

If you have any thoughts or questions on my post or would like me to do a how to gel tutorial then let me know please, any comments are welcome. 

Thanks for reading! ☺️