I love anything fashion related, and as any girl would say I don’t have nearly enough clothes, ask my boyfriend and he would definitely disagree.

I have always had a love for fashion, I know i’m starting to sound like any other girl sitting behind a laptop claiming that I have always loved it, but the truth is I have. From the age of about 3 I was trying to make dresses out of blue kitchen roll style paper – the type the healthcare worker would bring round when you were a child. luckily I only did this until  I was old enough to be allowed to sew, i’d spend hours upon hours sewing with my gran and making my own dresses and skirts. I spent so much time growing up using her sewing machine that eventually my family bought me my own, they never had to worry about me being out causing trouble, just whether they had any sheets left or why there was cotton in places there shouldn’t be.

As I have grown up, my interest in fashion has grown, I like to create the odd thing now and then but I prefer to see what styles people are wearing and how they can made into my own, I can spend hours trying on different items to see what outfits i can make.

Please follow me and join my journey into the world of fashion, any comments are welcome and appreciated.

Saff x

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