Neutral Spring styling with NA-KD – Fashion with a conscience 

Hi and welcome back to my little space on the web – apologies for being a little bit absent, 2021 has been a whirlwind of a year so far and I’m sure the second half of the year will be much the same.

Today I wanted to talk to you about NA-KD fashion and their current Spring collection which I’m loving by the way!

I’ve styled a few of my favourite pieces from their Spring collection which I think are really versatile and give the ‘jeans and a nice top’ a little something whilst being neutral in colour. The chosen items can easily be styled to take you from day to night and will be perfect for the warmer months too.

Rib knot detail singlet Black
Rib Knot Detail Singlet Black £11.95

First up is the cutest Black top, I love that this top is quite simple on the front but has a lovely tie detail on the back. It’s small details like this that can turn a simple outfit into something a little bit more interesting.

Not only is this top super cute and perfect for Spring styling, but it’s made with Eco Vero a more sustainable choice as the fibres are derived from sustainable wood which are certified with EU Ecolabel and was produced using up to 50% lower Co2 emissions and water impact. This top also comes in White, Green and Red and costs £11.95. I’m wearing a size XS for reference – you can buy it here.

To me sustainability and style go hand in hand – it’s very important that the brands we love are making a conscious effort to be more sustainable and I love that this is something NA-KD are making a visible effort to do.

Rib knot detail singlet Black
Rob Knot Detail Singlet Black £11.95

I can already tell that this beautiful one shouldered top is going to be a staple in my wardrobe over the coming months. I’m really happy about this not only because I know I’ll get a lot of wear out of it but because this top is from the NA-KD Reborn collection, whereby the factories and suppliers that NA-KD use are required to have sustainable materials certificates. NA-KD are constantly evolving and developing new ways to be more sustainable whilst creating garments that you and I will love and cherish. This top is available in Black and Beige and costs £15.95. I’m wearing a size XS for reference – you can buy it here.

Organic One Shoulder Babylock Ribbed Top
Organic One Shoulder Babylock Ribbed Top – Beige £15.95
Organic One Shoulder Babylock Ribbed Top
Organic One Shoulder Babylock Ribbed Top – Beige £15.95

Also featured in the small selection of items I picked up from NA-KD are a three pack of Satin feel scrunchies; perfect for adding a little flare to a hairstyle or making unwashed locks look cute. Currently the polyester used is not sustainable to my knowledge but I’m aware that NA-KD have pledged to be using recycled polyester by 2025. This set comes in three different colour options and costs £10.95 for a set of three – you can buy these here.

I won’t go on and on about NA-KD’s commitment to sustainability, although I could go on about it for some time as it’s something I’m rather passionate about. It makes me love NA-KD not only because their range of clothing, beauty and accessories are beautiful but because they are a brand with a conscience.

As consumers we need to be making more of an effort to support brands that are thinking about the future and if you are going to choose to support any then NA-KD should be on that list. You can read more about NA-KD’s approach to help our planet here.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite pieces from NA-KD’s Spring range and that you find some pieces you love too!

Thank you for reading,

Love Saff xx

Please note: This post contains gifted products but all opinions and photographs are my own.


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