The ultimate Christmas gift guide for Her 2019

​Hi hello hi and welcome back to this little space on the web that I call my own, or if you’re new here then hello I hope you stick around. (Please make sure to hit subscribe to have my posts arrive directly in your inbox). By now I’m sure you’re well aware that Christmas is rapidly approaching and so it’s time I shared my annual (I say this like I’ve written many) Christmas gift guide for her.

If you’re like me, by now I’m sure you’ve almost finished Christmas shopping and if not then maybe I’ll be able to help with that. This years guide is a collection of products that I think would be perfect to gift (or be gifted) to a loved one or friend with items to suit all budgets, because lets face it we don’t all have an endless supply of money… Anywayyy enough rambling lets get into the post shall we? It may be wise to grab a cuppa as this could be a long one.

Makeup & Beauty for Her

Kiss Lash Couture Naked Drama Collection Lacey – RRP 7.99

I’ve been using the KISS Couture Lash range for quite a long time now and have to say that it’s my favourite brand of lashes to use. They are relatively easy to apply (this is particularly important because I’m pretty terrible at lash application) and come in a variety of styles to suit every individual. These would be a fab gift for Christmas with New Year on the way (another occasion to look glam for).

kiss lash couture

MUA Makeup Academy Molten Metals Eyeshadow Palette – RRP 8 (Cruelty Free)

Finding an affordable eyeshadow palette with a range of colours that you (I) will actually use can be quite a challenge. I should know as I’ve been searching for a long time to find one with shimmery colours that I’ll actually make use of. If having 20 fab colours isn’t enough then you’ll be pleased to know that these shadows are easily buildable and highly pigemented, at last a drugstore palette of great quality but without the hefty pricetag.

mua molten palette

Sienna Skin Finish Illuminating Mist 100ml – RRP 15 (Cruelty Free)

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting out of this product before I tried it, but to me it’s like glowy dewiness contained in a bottle. An illuminating mist just finishes off any look in my opinion, just one spritz of this gives an instant glow on natural or tanned skin. Bonus – this can be used on both face and body!

sienna tan kit ultra dark

Sienna Ultra Dark Tanning Set – RRP 34.99 (Cruelty Free)

Perfect for any tan lover (without the worry of sun damage).This kit literally has everything you need in order to get that ‘post holiday glow‘ but in the Winter… Included is; Sienna Ultra Dark Self Tan Lotion, Luxury Self Tan mitt, Gradual Untinted Self Tan lotion for face & body, Prepare exfoliating & priming scrub, Prolong tan extending balm and a lovely white bag to store everything in.

Hair care for Her

Manta Hair Brush in Burgundy – RRP 25

Say hello to Manta a brand that up until recently I’d never heard of (but really should have). With their limited edition collection of Manta brushes you’ll soon be adding this to your wish list or ticking off a certain someone elses. So what is the Manta? you’re probably asking, in short the Manta is an ergonomically designed brush that is great for use on both wet and dry hair. With a body and bristles designed to flex when in use there’s no need to worry about damaging your hair because tension is minimised. I’m not sure what else there is to say but I’m keeping this one for myself oops.

manta hair brush

Nail care for Her

Sensationail express Gel One Step Polish kit in Made Him Blush – RRP 34.99

Forget long trips to the Nail Salon, with this complete manicure kit from Sensationail there’s no need to waste precious time running back and forth to the salon (oh and spending an absolute fortune) getting your nails done. This kit takes Gel polish application to a whole new level without the hassle of applying numerous coats of top coat, polish, base coat and well you get the picture… Plus if one colour isn’t enough then be sure to check out the full range of colours available.

sensationail express gel kit

Leighton Denny Colour Collection 3x 5ml (Cruelty free)

If you’re like me and didn’t think that Leighton Denny could bring out any more beautiful collections then you too were wrong… Just in time for Christmas the perfect combination of Nude, Glitter and a signature Red form an adorable trio of polishes to create the perfect mani (or pedi). I’m not sure I’ll be gifting these (sorry not sorry).

leighton denny polish set

Kiss gel Fantasy nails – RRP around 8

For those of you who follow my Instagram or are a regular reader of my blog you’ll know that I’ve been a regular user of KISS nails, in particular their imPRESS and gel fantasy collection(s). These are a quick and easy way to have a perfect manicure with no fuss, no mess and basically no time. Oh and they are sparkly too (what more could a girl want?). To read read a full review of KISS nails please read here.

kiss glam nails

Stocking fillers (or smaller gifts) for Her

too cool for school Egg Cream Mask 28g – RRP 5 (Cruelty free)

I know what you’re thinking, this one sounds a little bit strange – why on earth would anyone want to put egg on their face? Well this Korean brand has stepped outside of the box with this microfibre face mask which has been specifically designed for dry, sensitive and combination skin (a good all-rounder if you ask me).With claims to help improve wrinkles and have firming and nourishing qualities I’ll let you (or the reciever of this gift) decide whether it’s really worth putting egg on your face.

egg cream mask

Lipcote 6.5ml and Browcote 3.8ml – RRP around 4 & 6 (Cruelty free)

If you read last year’s gift guide you may remember that both of these products were featured, I’m proud to be featuring them again this year as they have been a staple in my makeup bag. Lipcote and Browcote are a match made in heaven when it comes to making lipstick last and keeping brows in place.

lipcote and browcote

Superdrug Flutter Lolli Lip Gloss 3x 6g – RRP 6 (Cruelty free)

For cute beauty products and lip glosses in particular then look no further, Superdrug have you covered. This set of three lip glosses is the perfect stocking filler for those who love a bit of colour – especially bright Pinks. It’s a super affordable set and the glosses are just the right size to carry around on the go.

gifts for her

Superdrug Mini Speaker Phone Stand – RRP 8

Are you doing Secret Santa this year and struggling to find a gift that would suit (almost) anyone? It’s difficult I know, I haven’t bought my Secret Santa present yet (shhh don’t tell). Anywaaay I’ve found a great little gift for under 10 which I know I’d be more than happy to recieve. This mini speaker phone stand is not only great because it’s affordable and compact but is just a useful little gift for anyone that needs a little help making the most of their phone sound system.

Fragrance for Her

Superdrug Bloom Driftwood & Sea Salt Body Mist 150ml – RRP 4.99 (Cruelty free)

The perfect scent for a quick freshen up, with no hefty price tag but a lot of contents. The idea of combining Driftwood and Sea Salt had me feeling a little unsure at first, but after a few spritz’ of the scent I really started to like it. I’m not sure if it’s because the ingredients remind me of the beach (my favourite place to be) which is comforting in itself or whether Superdrug just did a fab job when creating this body mist.

Superdrug Bloom Pink Peony & Cashmere Eau de Toilette 50ml – RRP 10 (Cruelty free)

If you know me well you’ll be well aware that I always have some sort of fragrance with me, It’s almost as though I have a fear of bad smells (I mean that literally). I have scents for ‘occasional use‘ and scents for ‘everyday use‘. Bloom Pink Peony & Cashmere is a scent that would easily fit into my ‘everyday use‘ category. The scent is refreshing and light with notes of tropical fruits and a hint of Jasmine in there too. So if you’re looking for a budget friendly scent this one is worth having a look at.

superdrug bloom perfume

For the Home

Superdrug Bloom Candle Trio Set – RRP 10 (Cruelty free)

If you’re looking for a gift that’s a little different then this idea may be for you. Bloom by Superdrug have brought out a set of three beautifully scented candles, perfect for a new home owner or just someone who loves a good scent. The scents include; Spiced Vanilla Chai (my favourite of the three), Mandarin & Lime Basil and Pink Peony & Cashmere.

bloom candle trio superdrug

Something a little extra for Her

Are you looking for a gift that’s a little bit extra but have a little bit more money to spend? If so then coming up are a couple of items that have been carefully selected but are a little more on the pricier side.

Newgate G6S Chronograph Tigger – RRP 199

To me this watch says ‘I’m rather special but a little different‘ with the Silver watch face, Chronograph detailing and interchangeable straps this piece speaks wonders without a ridiculous price tag. You can tell just by looking at any of the watches from the G6S range that they are built to last and designed with the utmost care. I love the G6S range so much that I have two watches, need I say any more?

G6S Tigger watch

Boux Avenue Bouxtique by Boux Avenue Amina Basque – RRP 70

This piece admittedly is a little different to all of the other items featured in this guide, but I didn’t want to miss out a product that could be a lovely gift especially if you’re looking to buy for a partner or loved one. I personally really like this piece as I feel it could be worn in a multitude of ways; whether that’s dressing it down with a pair of jeans for a night out or saving it for a special occasion(s).

boux avenue bouxtique amina basque

So there you have it my Christmas gift guide for Her 2019, it was a long one but I did warn you. I hope I’ve provided inspiration for gifts or maybe added to your own wish list.

Anywaaaay thanks for reading,

Love Saff x

Please note: This post contains gifted products however all thoughts and opinions are soley my own (even the poor jokes & yes I will be keeping most of these items).


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