What really happens at PrimEVIL scare 2019…

Hi hello hi, and welcome back to my blog or if you’re new here then I hope you stick around (and don’t forget to subscribe). Today’s blog post in case you haven’t guessed is an insight into PrimEVIL scare 2019. I was ever so kindly gifted press tickets for myself and a plus one in exchange for this blog post. Please note that although the tickets were gifted all thoughts, opinions and terrified moments were my own…

PrimEVIL experience

Where, when is PrimEVIL and how much does it cost?

PrimEVIL is based at what is otherwise known as the Dinosaur Park located in Lenwade, Norfolk. The experience runs from 11th October until 3rd November 2019 between 6pm and 11pm (last admissions are at 9pm).

Ticket prices range from £21 to £45 per person and include access to all five haunts (I’ll come back to these later). I’d recommend booking your tickets in advance as it was pretty busy when we went and it was only the second evening. I’d expect the experience to get busier as we near Halloween, you can book your tickets here.

What is there to do at PrimEVIL?

PrimEVIL is what is otherwise known as Norfolk’s biggest scare experience, which in my opinion has got better over the recent years. The experience itself consists of five very different but equally scary haunts. These include;

PrimEVIL hotel
  1. Circus of Terror – If you have a fear of Clowns then prepare to face your fears head on…
  2. Forest of fear – If wandering in the dark with a fear of the unknown is of interest to you then prepare to be scared of the anticipation alone, you never know what’s hiding in the dark.
  3. The Crypt – Are small spaces your thing?
  4. Arachnophbia – Spiders and creepy crawlies, sounds creepy enough already doesn’t it? (This was one of my favorite haunts despite being terrified of spiders).
  5. Mayhem Manor Hotel – A hotel that has only half a star rating, it can’t be that bad right?

Other Facilities

In addition to five extremely well thought out haunts there were also a selection of onsite facilities. Including; toilets, a bar (where you can watch a live Scare cam of the CIRCUS of Terror), various food and drink caterers and a merchandise store.

PrimEVIL scare

What did I think of PrimEVIL?

I know what you’re thinking, all of this information is all well and good (and hopefully very useful) but what did I actually think of the experience?

Having previously been to PrimEVIL about three years ago I truly wondered if it would be as scary the second time round. I didn’t think that much would have changed since the last time I went.

I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed the experience, if you can call being suitably scared and running out of the Forest of fear screaming as fun… I personally think that for £21 (standard tickets) you get your money’s worth out of the tickets.

Yes you do have to queue with the tickets we were kindly gifted, but if anything this made the anticipation for the next haunt all the more intense. We arrived at the park at 7.30pm and didn’t leave until just before 11pm so we really had a full evening out. The last thing you want is to spend money on an experience and only get an hour or so entertainment.

PrimEVIL photo

So that’s all from me today!

Thanks for reading,

Love Saff x


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