Thailand travel diaries (days 7-12)

Hello pals and welcome to part two of my Thailand travel diaries with INTRO Travel (if you haven’t read part one then you can read it here).

Day 7: Viewpoint, Waterfalls & Snorkelling, Koh Pha-ngan

Our hike to the top of the viewpoint went pretty well, we were pretty sweaty by the time we reached the top, but the view was worth it. One of the two waterfalls was dry and the other a little murky, but refreshing to say the least. Lunch was enjoyed in a little nearby shack which was definitely earned (if I do say so myself).

Snorkelling took place at the not so secret ‘Secret Beach‘ where we were attacked by coral and poor Liam spent more time disinfecting wounds than actually snorkelling. I managed to slice my feet on the coral (shock), resulting in being unable to wear my shoes, tripping on a rock and breaking my toe… (Rock 1: Saff 0).

thailand snorkellying and viewpoint

We also visited another beach which was equally beautiful, but I could not tell you its name if my life depended on it.

At the Sarana Bungalows we watched a fire show which was pretty cool and then Liam (was silly enough to) let me play with fire… Thankfully no one got hurt.

Day 8: Mauy Thai training & group dinner, Koh Pha-ngan

In the morning we had a quick breakfast before we headed out to learn some Muay Thai with a two time World Champion, which was pretty cool in itself. This was at Muay Thai Chinnarach Thai Boxing Gym.

We had some group, one to one training and even had the chance to get in the ring if we so desired. I shocked myself and got in the ring, which was pretty tiring but fun too. This training wasn’t enough to prepare me for what happened a few days later…

mauy thai boxing thailand

The afternoon was very relaxed, we just chilled around by the pool and dipped in the sea when we felt like it, which was beaaaaautiful. Muay Thai was really tiring so this was just what we needed.

Some of the group were due to leave the next morning so we went to dinner in the evening for their farewell meal. I had a Massaman curry with rice which was delicious! This was also ‘Shit shirt night‘ so we all looked our best for the group photo.

Day 9: Travel day & arriving at Phi Phi Island

This was hands down one of the most memorable days of the trip, I mean the ferry ride wasn’t my favourite. I actually can’t remember much of it as I fell asleep on some life jackets on the bottom deck.

Once we arrived our bags were taken to our accommodation the Amandaman Beach Resort, by cart (because there are nearly no vehicles on Phi Phi). Phi Phi is tiny so you can easily walk from one end of the island to the other. Phi Phi has so many shops and things to do, it was one of my favourite places we visited.

For dinner the group went to Unni’s which was delicious and then went for drinks and to see a fire show at a nearby bar (sadly it was much better than the show I put on).

phi phi islands night out

Following dinner most of the group went to a Muay Thai bar, this was a very memorable part of the trip. I’m not entirely sure why I agreed to this (maybe it was the alcohol) but I ended up getting into the ring with a girl that was 6ft something and giant. (Sorry if you’ve somehow stumbled upon this and it was you I fought.)

Let’s just say that after a few drinks, being tired and fighting someone that was much larger than you, that being able to finish 3/3 rounds was an achievement in itself. Although I may not have been able to walk back to the accommodation (literally) and I may have had to visit A & E once I got home (because it was feared I had a broken foot).

I can definitely say that I gave it my all and fought (pun intended) until the end. The participation medal was worth it and is proudly displayed in my room. The bucket of alcohol I was given for participating was very much appreciated but I just couldn’t drink it, the thought of it made me feel rather sick. I can confirm that it didn’t go to waste and the group drank it on my behalf. (Scandinavian girl 1: Saff 0)

Day 10 – Viewpoint & Paradise islands boat trip, Phi Phi Island

We started the day with a trek to the the Phi Phi viewpoint which was incredible, with my injuries I wasn’t sure I’d get to the top. But it was worth the struggle, especially in the heat.

A group of us had breakfast at Unni’s, where I enjoyed the most incredible peanut butter and chocolate smoothie bowl EVER.

phi phi islands viewpoint

On our boat trip we visited three places by speedboat; a beautiful beach, Shark point (sadly I didn’t see any Sharks but others did) and Monkey island where there were lots of angry looking monkeys. You were advised to leave anything valuable (or that you didn’t want monkey’s stealing) on the boat as they are known to pinch things when an opportunity arises.

For dinner we enjoyed a group meal at Acqua where I had the most delicious Massaman curry and rice. We also went to a live music bar where we sung until our hearts content, this was one of my favourite places on the island because everyone had so much fun. Oh and they sang mainly English songs (I actually knew the words for a change).


Day 11 – Phi Phi islands boat trip

Following on from breakfast (I’d love to say I tried something different to the day before but that would be a lie – It was too good not to have again). We regrouped and headed out to sea on an amazing boat. We danced, dived into the water, enjoyed incredible food, snorkelled and sunbathed until our hearts content. I left my phone unattended for a few minutes and came back to find some interesting group photos. Oh and I somehow cut my eye jumping into the sea with my own nail. (Nail 1: Saff 0).

After sunset we all popped on our life jackets swam in the sea with Bio-luminescent Plankton which was SO cool. Whenever you moved it was like being surrounded by glitter!

We finished our evening on the beach at a neon themed beach party, which went on until the early hours.

paradise boat trip

Day 12 – Chill day, Phi Phi Island

For our last day on Phi Phi it was only natural to head back to our favourite breakfast spot before enjoying a relaxing morning by the pool.

As part of the #smallchange initiative that INTRO Travel are involved in a small group of us participated in a beach clean. This was to help clear the beach of rubbish from beach parties the night before. A few of us even took a ride in one of the luggage carts, you’ve got to make the most of free transport when you can hardly walk right?

Following on from our good deed of beach cleaning (which we contributed to the night before) I went to get a souvenir unlike any I’d ever bought before. This meant that Chloe and I turned up to dinner looking somewhat scruffy whilst everyone else had made an effort with their appearance to eat in this pretty nice restaurant…

intro travel beach clean

So there you have it, days 7-12 of my Thailand travel diary. I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip, days 13-18 will be on the blog soon (watch this space).

Thanks for reading,

Love Saff x


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