I’m back: From my blogging hiatus

Hi hello hi Pals,

I’m back (In case you didn’t notice) from my errrr 5 month blogging hiatus. It’s safe to say that my little space on the web has been neglected so far this year, for a number of reasons which I’m going to dip in to. Unless you’re new here, then welcome I hope you stick around.

We’re over half way through the year, so we have lots of catching up to do. (Can you believe Christmas is on the way already?). If you’re partial to a cuppa I’d grab one as this could be a long one…

It’s safe to say this year got off to a bit of a rocky start with an end of an era (if you know, then you know). A house move from my tiny (yet nightmare) flat which I strangely loved, to live with family. Oh and my first car spluttering to a halt (yes I mean that literally. Oil went everywhere, it got really messy).

It’s not all bad though as these unfortunate events led to some memorable times for better reasons of course. I’ve been told bad things come in three’s and all of the above happened within a very short space of time, so I can be thankful for that at least.

By taking a step back from many things including; my blog, social media (not completely of course as I love Instagram more than I care to admit) and other things too. I’ve really learnt a lot about myself and I think that’s pretty awesome.

I’ve always been the type of person that spends far too much time being concerned with pleasing everyone else, which isn’t overly healthy. Especially if you think about it (as cynical as this may sound) most people at the end of the day are mainly concerned with themselves… I decided that I needed to put more time and effort into caring for myself and being a little more selfish.

Apparently bath nights need to be a weekly occurrence (with Tea, snacks and light up rubber Ducks). Taking time out to read a book is also something that I’ve really learnt to enjoy again. I seem to find it super easy to pick up a book and get lost in it for hours (the last one I picked up was finished within 24 hours, need I say more?). Oh and prioritizing time to regularly exercise, whether it’s a walk around my local area or heading to the gym really does wonders for my mental health and I really can’t complain about that. (Especially as it means I can eat more Cake, who mentioned Cake?!).

Anywaaaaay let’s get back on track (because I’m easily distracted and could go on for hours about things that no-one really cares about).

Besides eating out too much, drinking more coffee than I care to admit and spending a lot of money on things I was convinced (I needed but really didn’t). I can happily say that this year (so far) with it’s up’s and down’s has brought me more happiness than I expected.

I’ve made some incredible friends, surprisingly most of these have been through social media. Who said you can’t make real friends on the internet? In all seriousness, some of the people I have met through blogging/ Instagram have been the best people I’ve had the privilege of meeting. That’s pretty damn cool if I do say so myself.

Let’s skip to more recent months (June/July) where things got a little more interesting, not that talking about moving house, reading books and getting a new car isn’t riveting enough…

In June I was lucky enough to explore Thailand for 3 weeks, which was the most incredible place I have ever been. I flew out there solo and met an amazing group of people on an Intro Travel tour (just to confirm I paid for this trip myself). This was a pretty memorable experience for me, not only because it was my first solo-ish trip, but because it was also the longest time I’ve ever been away from home in one go. Oh and I arrived back in England with several injuries. This resulted in taking a trip directly from the Airport to the Emergency centre, and another one to the Walk-in centre a few days later due to injuring both feet and a knee… I always knew bandages were fashionable (and finally I had an excuse to wear several).

saffy dixon elephant

I’ve been home for a few weeks and I’ve been counting down the days until my next trip since I hopped off the plane (due to previously mentioned injuries). My next trip can’t come soon enough, July has been an eventful month so far to say the least…

So I’m currently counting down the days until my birthday (17th August take note pals; I’m just waiting to be tagged in all the terrible photos) and then my next trip. I haven’t got much else planned for 2019, I’m just trying to make the most of every moment. After all life is for living and you need to take every opportunity as it comes as you never know what’s around the corner…

So that’s all from me today,

Thanks for stopping by!

Love Saff x

Some of these photos are courtesy of Thom Law Photography


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