A mini wardrobe refresh with Gant

Since moving house (for the third time in just over two years) it’s become quite apparent from the attempted clothes decluttering that I seem to be drawn to quite often rather plain clothes.

Of course there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that if you’re into that kind of thing, but I like to call myself a Fashion blogger so really I feel I should be a bit braver with my choices. After all Black on Black is hardly a new statement, not that I call myself a trendsetter. Anywayyyyy enough talking about me let’s talk about some clothes shall we? 

A mini wardrobe refresh with Gant jumper

A jumper that’s not Black, you must be joking?

Let’s say hello to my new favourite jumper, I mean it’s not like I say this about every new top, jumper and bag well I think you can get where I’m heading with this… But I honestly loved this jumper from the moment I saw it and thought ‘that’s a bit of me, I need it‘. If truth be told I didn’t need it, hell I don’t need any new clothes but I wanted it and that’s pretty much the same thing right? Okay, I thought so too.

I was instantly drawn to this jumper because the fit looked super cosy (I can confirm that it is). I loved that the stripes were Pink and it felt like the perfect jumper to wear on the daily or I could wear it to work if I felt that way inclined.

Mine is a size small but I could easily have got away with an extra small as it was larger than I expected, I usually take a size 8-10 in jumpers for reference.

A mini wardrobe refresh with Gant jumper

In the past I’ve been a little scared of investing in higher end brands and items just in case I didn’t love them as much as I hoped, or just in case they went out of fashion.

Thoughtful purchases and timeless fashion…

I think the reason behind this is that I’ve never had a lot of disposable income so if I decide to buy something I feel as though I need to be sure that I’ll get my money’s worth. This jumper is a little quirky and is totally my kind of thing so I have no doubts that it will stay in my wardrobe as time goes on, especially as the quality is incredible (not that I would expect anything less from Gant).

A mini wardrobe refresh with Gant blouse

Finding ‘the‘ item that says it all without words

When I saw this blouse I knew that it had a place in my wardrobe (I seem to just get drawn to things it’s very strange). I had no idea what I would wear it with or how I planned on styling it, there was just something about the colours and prints that I loved (magically it ended up in my basket and subsequently in m wardrobe too).

I’m not sure why or when I became obsessed with dungarees but recently I’ve been wearing them with everything (literally). So naturally when this beautiful blouse arrived the first thing I wanted to wear it with was my beloved dungarees.

A mini wardrobe refresh with Gant blouse

I call this look ‘confused confetti‘ mainly because I’m not sure dungarees should be worn with this confetti print blouse and trainers, but fashion is whatever you want it to be. Well that’s what I was told anyway… Okay, so that’s enough of me trying to inspire you to wear something new let’s talk about the blouse itself.

I ordered this blouse in a size 10 but could have easily sized down as it was a little bigger than I expected. The material itself is very soft and so comfortable to wear, it’s not rigid or stiff unlike other similar style blouses I’ve purchased in the past. The confetti print itself is really fun in my opinion, especially because it’s made up from a few different colours meaning that you can mix up what you wear it with without clashing too much. However if you’re brave and love a clash then you could always mix prints, that’s fun isn’t it?

That’s all from me today guys, a quick update on what I’ve been adding to my wardrobe and a crash course in how not to create unique outfits. Unless like me you are a fan of those.

Oh and I almost forgot, you can get 15% off your purchases with code SAFFY15 on Gant.com and Gant.co.uk

Thanks for reading,

Love Saff x

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Disclaimer: This post contains gifted items, please read my full disclaimer for more on this.


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