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Somehow Spring seems to be on it’s way, I say somehow because I truly cannot believe that March is here. (Although February has involved some of the longest weeks of my life). The day’s seem to be getting warmer. The Sun appears to be out longer and ultimately everyone is happier than they were when we first entered 2019.

For me February was the start to my new year, new me facade (and I mean that literally). Some big changes were made and to tell you the truth, even now a few weeks on whilst writing this I’m not sure what those changes mean. Or even how they will influence what’s to come, but after all if we aren’t changing we aren’t growing… (or that’s what I’ve been told anyway).

Getting ready for Spring

This leads me on to the main subject of today’s post. I’ve recently had a ginormous cleanse, of my wardrobe and belongings and have come to realise that up until now I had no ‘Spring‘ appropriate clothing. I’ve recently had a ginormous cleanse, of my wardrobe and belongings and have come to realise that up until now I had no ‘Spring‘ appropriate clothing.

For someone who likes to think they have a keen interest in fashion it’s almost a little embarrassing to think that I was more than ready to go from jeans and a jumper to sleeveless Summer dresses and shorts just like that.

Finding the perfect fit

Luckily for me I found two perfect embellished dresses that are well and truly suited to Spring (and Summer) and my personal style because let’s face it that’s the most important thing really. Both dresses are midi length and have sleeves so I don’t have to worry about catching a chill if the weather does take a bit of a turn for the cold.

When it comes to Spring clothing I find it difficult to not only find items that I love, but know I will really get some wear out of. I’ve got a super long body which can make for a total nightmare when shopping. Especially as I prefer to shop online as it’s much more convenient. (I have to work the 9-5 so time is precious although my hours aren’t quite that cushty I’ll admit). I can happily say that there was no problem with my long body and getting these dresses to fit, it was almost as if the dresses were made for me.

When choosing items to include in my Spring wardrobe I think it’s super important to consider when I’m actually going to wear them. In the past I’ve been extremely guilty of buying something because it was ‘pretty‘ rather than because I planned on wearing it or had items to compliment it.

Floral fancy

Mesh to me is one of those materials that can either be really flattering and lovely to wear or it can be not so pleasing on the eye and a little bit itchy. (Not ideal if you’re asking me, thank you next springs to mind). But when I saw this beautiful ANGELEYE dress I knew I had to have it. The dress itself comes as two separate pieces, a silky slip and the mesh overlay. I love that both pieces are separate as it’s so much easier to pop it on (without getting tangled in layers) plus it gives you a little more creativity on how you style it too.

I chose to style this dress with a thin Black belt with Gold detailing and some Black suede mules because I like to stick to safe colours. However I think a bright coloured belt or a different colour shoe could really make this dress pop too.

Pretty in polka dots

If you’ve been keeping up with me for a while you’ll be well and truly aware that I’m a sucker for anything polka dot, oh and I LOVE a wrap dress. So a combination of the two is a dream in my eyes. I’m really pleased that the sleeves are not too tight and have a beautiful frill detailing to match the hem of the dress too. The material itself is light weight and breathable and will be lovely to wear in the Spring and Summer months to come.

I’m looking forward to throwing on a pair of sandals or slip on shoes with this ANGELEYE dress so I can wear it for everyday life as well as on those more special occasions too. A great thing about this one is that because it’s Black and White you could wear it with pretty much any colour shoes and accessories that you desire. You could even go for a pattern clash if you wanted (like I have with the leopard scarve on my bag) just to be that little bit extra. This dress was also available in Red with White spots which would be lovely if you like to be a little bold!

So there you have it, that’s all from me today! I hope you enjoyed today’s post talking about my latest additions to my Spring / Summer wardrobe.

Thanks for reading,

Love Saff x

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  1. March 11, 2019 / 1:28 am

    Both dresses are beautiful! Where are your white shoes from?

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