Smart time management with ADEXE for the year ahead

Hi Hello Hi, welcome back if you’re someone who comes here regularly. Or if you’re new then hello I’m glad you found my little space on the web that I call my own. It’s somehow January 2019 and I’m not sure how on earth we have got here already. 2018 flew by and I don’t feel like I had the time to really appreciate everything it threw my way.

Anywaaaay talking about time lets get to it shall we? Are you the type of person who goes to the shop without their bank card and gets to the till to realise that this has happened yet again? (by ‘this’ I mean leaving your bank card at home) Yep. Me too.

Smart time management with ADEXE for the year ahead

You’re not alone. I’ve had this happen to me so many times that you’d think I’d have learnt my lesson to check for my bank card before I go out by now… Sadly being the person I am, I’m always in a hurry with somewhere to be or something to do. I know it’s the new year but New Years resolutions never seem work out (for me anyway). So instead of making new year’s resolutions that I know I’m never going to keep. I’m letting ADEXE take care of my clumsiness (well some of it) for me with their bPay wrist straps.

Oh and have you ever gone out for drinks and stood at the bar for so long trying to find your card amidst the chaos of all the things you don’t need in your bag? Yep me too. Well you needn’t worry about this either as you can easily pay for items under £30 with a simple tap of your wrist.. I personally know that I’m far less likely to lose a watch on a night out than a bank card (because needless to say but it’s physically attached to me).

Smart time management with ADEXE for the year ahead

Also backtracking to the subject of New Years resolutions, I personally think that you don’t need the New Year to do great things. Maybe it’s a good time to achieve those small things you’ve always wanted to do. I’m thinking that maybe new year is the perfect opportunity to literally get my timings sorted with my ADEXE Freerunner in Black and Rosegold.

Being the gal who’s always 20 minutes early is a little ridiculous isn’t it? I mean think of all the useful things I could get done whilst I’ve been just waiting for people to arrive… Maybe with my new watch I’ll be better at this as I’ll have no excuse for poor timing (or in my case being over prepared).

Smart time management with ADEXE for the year ahead

The first time I tested out the contactless feature on my watch was a little bizarre I felt like I was being watched or that people would think ‘does that crazy girl know she’s wearing an ordinary watch?‘. I felt like the lady overseeing the self service checkout was just waiting for something to go wrong (which we of course know she wasn’t). She probably hadn’t even noticed what I was doing… Much to my pleasure the payment went through without a hitch and I carried on my day (snacks in hand) feeling just a little bit smug with my new bit of technology.

It got me thinking about how useful a contactless watch would be on a night out. Originally I wondered how safe a contactless watch could be. I mean it’s no less safe than a card but someone could easily slip it off your wrist right? And whilst that’s very true, I actually think that bPay in particular is in fact safer than an ordinary watch…

When using bPay you can load a chosen amount of money onto the app and that’s what you get to spend, once it’s gone it’s gone. Of course you can add more to the app to spend using your ADEXE watch via bPay but if you’re someone who just loves to tap away on a night out and ends up spending far more than you planned. It may be the solution to overspending.

Smart time management with ADEXE for the year ahead

Talking of New Years resolution’s as it is 2019 now after all, maybe ADEXE have come up with the simple solution to managing your money wisely. A couple of things to note about the bPay app are that you don’t have to worry about app security as you can set it up so that it’s password protected or uses fingerprint ID. You can also set it so when your balance to spend is below a certain amount say £5 for example that bPay tops up your spending money for you. Alternatively you can top up manually using the bPay app so you can easily keep track of your spending.

Anywaaaaay that’s enough rambling from me, time is of the essence let’s get back to life shall we? It’ll be 2020 before we know it… Oh and I almost forgot to add you can buy yours here. Use code SAFFYDIXON15 for 15% off!

Thanks for reading,

Love Saff x

(The bits you don’t always want to read but need to be included) The watch can be used with contactless payments up to a maximum of £30, and works with any VISA or MasterCard registered to a UK address. Anyone over 13 years are eligible to apply for an account, and the bPay chip is valid for a minimum of two years. Full T&Cs apply, available at . This post is in partnership with bPay by Barclaycards and ADEXE.

Disclaimer: This post contains gifted products, please read my disclaimer for more on this.


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