Winter styling (a quick chat about a favourite look)

As I’m sure you’re well aware it’s Winter now and New Year is on the way, meaning it’s rather chilly and wet! I thought that today we could have a quick chat about Winter styling and how I like to keep my feet happy now the weather is past its best.

Gone were the days that I could simply pop on my favourite suede look trainers and not worry about whether they would end up soggy or remain dry. With the weather being as unpredictable as it is in Norfolk it’s really not worth the risk of ruining them. So I’ve hidden away my comfy casual shoes in favour of some more seasonally appropriate booties!

I’m not usually the type of gal that wears more casual outfits but I thought we would change it up a little with todays styling post. I’ve decided I need to push myself out of my comfort zone a little with pieces I wouldn’t usually attempt to style.

Winter styling (a quick chat about a favourite look)

As you can see I’ve picked out a super cosy cropped jumper with a fab zip detail on the neck. I love this as I can wear the jumper zipped up, in case it’s chilly outside or unzipped with a roll neck top underneath for a more layered look (I’m loving Autumn/Winter layering at the moment which you can read about here). The jumper is a little bit cropped on me as I have a super long body for a 5ft 6 gal but I still love it! There were a few other colour ways available but this one is by far my favourite. Oh and in case I forget to mention this later on this was from H&M and I got a size Small.

Black jeans are my go to, all the timeeeee. I mean I’m obsessed in total I have over 14 pairs of jeans (not all black I must add). These were a recent purchase from Primark which are super comfy, high waisted and have some ripped detailing to give them that little bit extra something. I got these in a size 8 but I would recommend trying before you buy as you never know what to expect with Primark sizes and you don’t to be disappointed later on. I could have gone for another colour jeans with this outfit, maybe a Navy colour but clearly on this day I felt like Black jeans were a good choice…

Winter styling (a quick chat about a favourite look)

With a rather plain outfit I needed to pick the right footwear to really finish it off. I’d been looking for a pair of Black low heeled boots for such a long long time and had totally failed until I discovered XY London who have such a large range of boots and footwear available on their site. There were so many options available that it took me a really long time to narrow down which boots I wanted to add to my collection that I’d get a lot of wear out of!

The boots I was looking for needed to be fairly plain but have that little bit of something, flat(ish) so I can walk around without getting sore feet and waterproof because the last thing I want this time of year is soggy socks, I mean if you’re getting wet feet you’ve probably got the wrong footwear.

Winter styling (a quick chat about a favourite look)

But lets get back on track shall we? I think these boots finish off this outfit perfectly with just the right amount of detail. They fit all of my criteria and they were super affordable too. Make sure to check out XY London if you’re looking to add to your footwear collection. I’m sure there will be something you love on there too.

Thanks for reading,

Love Saff x

Disclaimer: This post includes a gifted item, please read my full disclaimer for more on this.

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