Getting cosy for Winter – Ft Cari’s Closet

As I’m sure you’re well aware, it’s December and Christmas is fast approaching which means we’ve finally reached the Winter months after all. If this Winter is anything like the last then I’m sure it’s going to be a chilly one, so we best be prepared and all wrapped up.

I’m not sure why but I’ve always been extremely sensitive to the cold weather, not so much as my sister because she’s urm allergic to the cold (not that you could believe it). But trust me being allergic to the cold is a legitimate thing… Anywaaay with it being Winter there’s a need for something that little bit extra when it comes to coats and jackets and not just any jacket will do.

Getting cosy for Winter - Ft Cari's Closet teddy coat

Being someone who really suffers with the cold and ends up often wearing a ridiculous amount of layers, I can tend to look a little bit urm well not like me. But when the cold sets in desperate measures have to be taken to avoid a chill because the last thing I want is to get ill.

Now I’ve been collecting jackets and coats of all kinds of varieties, for all occasions for quite a while now. But until now hadn’t found the ONE that was super warm, comfortable and visually appealing too. I know, who would have thought finding the right Winter coat would be such a challenge… Not me I can tell you.

For someone who is obsessed with shopping as much as I am you’d think that I wouldn’t mind adding bits and pieces to my ever growing collection. Whilst this may be a little true I’m also happy to admit that my bank balance doesn’t agree with my shopping habits as much as I enjoy shopping. And that once I found the dream coat (which I did) I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders, but more realistically I just didn’t need to wear as many layers to leave the house (YAY).

Anywaaaaay it’s about time I stopped rambling about finding a dream coat and started telling you about the dream coat isn’t it… I currently own two teddy/borg style coats and I can tell you that WOW they are the warmest coats I have ever owned. I mean, I’m not sure how they are so warm but they are just something else.

Getting cosy for Winter - Ft Cari's Closet teddy coat

The borg style coat may not be the most attractive coat in existence but it’s certainly fit for purpose. If that purpose is being incredibly warm and feeling like you’re in a wearable duvet. I got mine from Cari’s Closet, which is an online boutique who stock a wide range of coats, jackets and the most incredible dresses I have ever seen.

My coat is the Teddy coat in colour Tan, I chose the Tan colour because I have several dark coloured coats and thought it would be nice to add something with a little more variety to my ever growing collection. Plus I have a Teddy style jacket in a Creamy colour so didn’t want two very similar styles in the same colour.

I ordered a size S/M in the coat which looked rather small when it arrived but was actually the perfect fit. For reference I’m usually a UK size 8-10. The coat itself is roomy enough to get a tshirt and a snuggly jumper in too, in case you feel the cold like I do!

Of course I’ve put the Teddy coat to the test in the chilliest Norwich weather (so far). I was actually pretty cosy and rather reluctant to take the coat off when we stopped for coffee (not that I needed it because it was warm inside already).

So there you have it, now you know where I got the cosiest Winter coat to keep me from the cold this Winter. Why not check out Cari’s Closet to see if you can find your dream coat too?

Thanks for reading,

Love Saff x

Disclaimer: This post includes gifted products, please read my full disclaimer for more on this.

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  1. December 19, 2018 / 11:26 pm

    I love that coat! This outfit is so cute!

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