Express yourself with CaseApp – More than just a phone case

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll be well aware that recently I held a giveaway with a company called CaseApp. If you’re not already following me then you can follow me for daily updates here. Since the giveaway is over I thought I’d talk to you about CaseApp, the company who I collaborated with on the giveaway itself.

Express yourself with CaseApp - More than just a phone case

To me a phonecase isn’t ‘just a phonecase‘ and I know that sounds rather silly but hear me out please. A phone case to me is a tool that helps you express a little about who you really are in your own way. For example, many many people have Iphones and although they all look very similar our needs, uses and content on our phones vary a lot right? Okay and the same goes for people, we are all made of the same things but look, react and just are very different. If we were all the same the world would be a very boring place. Personally I think the same can be said for phones too, so being able to show someone a little bit about you in a simple yet effective way is pretty cool.

Express yourself with CaseApp - More than just a phone case
Express yourself with CaseApp - More than just a phone case

CaseApp is the first phone case company that I’ve come across that allows you to design and create your own case. I think it’s pretty amazing that using their online tool you can create the whole design; including using your own images, adding text, choosing the finish and more. The price for a standard Iphone 7 custom designed case comes in at £19, which I think considering you get free reign on the design which makes the case very personal. It’s a great gift idea or personal treat.

Express yourself with CaseApp - More than just a phone case

If you don’t fancy creating your own case from scratch then CaseApp also have hundreds of preformatted designs at your disposal. Some of these are also customisable so you won’t have to worry about matching someone else. These also cost £19 per case and can be made with a matte or glossy finish.

As far as technology goes I’m pretty useless.I’m also rather clumsy too so when it comes to protecting my phone I need something with a little bit more toughness to protect against the inevitable phone dropping or accidental throwing my phone across a petrol station (that story is for another day…). Sadly no ordinary case will do, that’s one reason why I love what CaseApp have on offer! Not only can you buy your standard hard phone case but for a little bit extra you can get a ‘tough‘ phone case too. Which is perfect for anyone as clumsy as me… The case combines a hard case with a silicone lining to help protect the back, sides and front of the screen too!

I’m aware that I’ve rambled on about phone cases alone for quite a while now. So it’s probably a good time to mention that CaseApp also allows you to create your own laptop, ipad and phone skins too (please see the website for the laptop/phone options they cater for).

Thanks for reading today’s post, I hope you enjoyed it!

Love Saff x

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DISCLAIMER: These cases were gifted by CaseApp, please read my full disclaimer for more on this.

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