A pre-Christmas pamper with 7th Heaven

Hi Hello Hi it’s me (again) can you believe it’s December already?! No I can’t either. To tell you the truth I can’t believe how fast this year as a whole has gone, the days seem to be blurring into one… Anywaaaay let’s talk about the real subject of this post. I LOVE Christmas, I mean it’s my favourite time of year (except my birthday of course) I love giving people presents almost as much as receiving them. Oh and If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll understand just how much I love a good pamper session.

Twinkle twinkle little spa 7th heaven

There’s something about popping on a face mask, doing my nails and having a little me time that makes me happy and relaxed. Because let’s face it, when it comes to preparing for Christmas you cannot beat a little me time.

Ever since I was young I’ve loved 7th Heaven products, when I found out that they did a spa set ‘Twinkle twinkle little spa‘ I couldn’t wait to try it. Not only do I love the masks themselves and their results, but the fact that they are super affordable is really important to me. For someone who loves a treat I don’t think you could get much better value for money than this little set which is available to buy at around £10 depending on where you choose to purchase it.

Twinkle twinkle little spa 7th heaven

Peel off masks

I’ve recently re-found my love for peel-off masks. Besides making my skin happy again, if you’ve ever used a peel-off mask then you’ll know how satisfying removing one can be. Luckily for anyone else who loves this kind of mask there are four different types of peel-off mask in this set and you can get two uses out of each pack. If that’s not value for money then I don’t know what is! I even convinced Andy to try a mask and he was fascinated with the peel-off aspect, maybe he can be my new pamper session partner (or maybe not if he reads this). The peel-off masks included are Black Seaweed, Charcoal, Charcoal + Black Sugar and Charcoal + Black Clay so there’s a fab little selection inside.

Mud masks

As much as I really enjoy using peel off masks sometimes you cannot beat a good old fashioned mud mask (I mean not actual mud but you get my drift). The one included in this pack is perfect for oily, combination and problem skin as it helps to detox away impurities with a hard drying formula. This mask contains slightly more than the rest so if used sparingly you may even get three uses out of the pack (perfect for a pamper evening with friends).

Twinkle twinkle little spa 7th heaven

Hydrating masks

Now that we are in Winter (it’s sad but true) it’s ever so easy for skin to become dry and flakey, even for those of us with oily and combination skin (like me). Don’t worry though as 7th Heaven have thought of this by including a hydrating Coconut Cream mask in the pack. So you really do get a range of products to pamper yourself with. Again this one is larger than the peel off masks so could be used multiple times if desired.

A different kind of mask?

In case you thought this pamper set was only about face masks I’ve got a little surprise for you… There’s another kind of mask in this set but it’s not for your face. A hair mask is also included in this set and if you ask me that’s pretty cool as my hair is always looking for a little TLC (curly hair is naturally dry my friends) so anything at all that will help give back a little moisture gets a yes from me! Personally I’m not a fan of Coconuts but a Coconut hair mask is literally a dream, just the sound of this mask has me drooling (that’s probably not a pretty thought so let’s move on shall we?).

Twinkle twinkle little spa 7th heaven

Those handy pamper session extras

If 6 face masks and a hair mask wasn’t enough for a pamper pack then it’s probably a good time to add that 7th Heaven have even included a large nail file (for well filing nails) because it’s a pamper evening must have and toe separators (we all know how hard it is trying to keep our toes separate whilst painting them).

With Christmas coming up this is a perfect gift for a loved one (or yourself if you too need a pamper). Included are the perfect items for a pamper evening, the only things missing are some nail polish (for the toes) and a Christmassy film. You can purchase your 7th Heaven Twinkle twinkle little spa kit here and browse the full range of products on their website here.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed testing the products!

Love Saff x

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DISCLAIMER: This set was gifted by 7th Heaven, please read my full disclaimer for more on this.


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