How to use the SensatioNail gel starter kit at home

I’ve been using gel polish on my nails for quite some time now as I’ve tried to steer clear from acrylics (been there, done that and cost a small fortuneeee). I started using gel polish because standard nail polish just doesn’t stay on my hands no matter what I do… Whether I pay a professional or not. I’d been using a UV light for quite some time but found that it takes rather a long time to gel polish my nails this way, so I’d need a good chunk of time to do it. That’s where SensatioNail comes in, I was kindly gifted the gel starter kit which uses an LED based lamp which really cuts down the time of doing your nails at home (yaaaaaay).

What’s included in the SensatioNail gel starter kit?

This kit is fab because it’s ever so compact and has everything you need inside a tiny box. I almost wondered if the lamp was coming as a separate parcel because my UV lamp is so big in comparison to this one. The teeny tiny lamp is perfect for compact storage or for those on the go as it takes up hardly any space at all.

Also included in the kit (this may vary on the kit you buy

  • Gel cleanser
  • Gel primer (helps bond the polish to the nail)
  • Gel colour
  • Gel base and top coat
  • Nail buffer (aka nail file)
  • Manicure stick
  • Lint free wipes (to wipe away sticky residue)
How to use the sensationail gel starter kit at home

How to use the SensatioNail gel starter kit at home 

This kit is perfect for the experienced and beginners too! It comes with step by step instructions that make applying gel polish so so easy whether it’s for the first time or not.

Part one – Preparation is key

Use the buffer included to buff the natural nail to remove the shine (this helps the gel stick better) and file the nail to shape. I usually push my cuticles back at this point because I have teeny tiny nails. After buffing the nails you can use the Gel cleanser and a lint free wipe to clean the nails. Apply a layer of Gel Primer to the nail and let it air dry (this helps to dry the nail out and helps the polish bond to the nail).

Part two – Time to get colourful

This bit is my faaaavourite bit because I love to decide which colour to have my nails, although this time because I was testing a new kit I went with Pink Chiffon which was included in my kit.  It’s such a pretty colour and perfect for my tiny nails! Apply a thin layer of the Gel base and top coat to the nail, try not to get too close to the cuticle as this can look messy (but don’t worry it can take a little practice and steady hand to get this perfect). Make sure to cap the end of the nail by running the brush along the nail tip and cure for 15 seconds (the lamp blinks when it’s ready for you to remove your hand). Carefully apply a thin layer of Gel polish in your colour of choice to your nail, again trying to miss the cuticle and skin oh and don’t forget to cap the nail (this helps prevent chipping)… Cure the nail under the lamp for 30 seconds and repeat. How to use the sensationail gel starter kit at home

Part three – Sealing that colour in place

It’s time to apply a thin layer of Gel base and top coat to the beaaaautifully painted nails, again don’t forget to cap and cure for a further 15 seconds. To remove any stickiness use a tiny bit of gel cleanser and your lint free wipes to remove any residue from the nail. Make sure to follow these steps on both hands and then taaaaa daaaa you have a beautiful set of gel polish nails done from your own home. How to use the sensationail gel starter kit at home

My thoughts on using the SensatioNail gel starter kit

As mentioned earlier I’ve been using gel polish at home for a little while now, but the products I was using were taking such a long time and as a busy person I just don’t have the time to spend an hour or so doing my nails. I love that this kit comes with an LED lamp as the curing time is so much shorter (about a quarter of the time) than with my UV lamp I also have. This polish so far has lasted rather well on my nails, I’m usually very good at chipping my gel rather early into the two weeks and finding that my nails look a little scruffy. So far with SensatioNail they are going strong and haven’t chipped at all (touch wood they stay this way). The price of this kit including the lamp is around £50 depending on where you shop, which may sound a little steep at first but considering it has the LED lamp inside and everything you need to do your own gel nails at home that’s actually rather good. Especially if you consider that most people charge £15 + per set. Over time this works out cheaper especially when you think that new colours cost around £10 each (on Finally this is without a doubt the easiest kit to use, the instructions could not be any clearer and for someone who is as impatient as I am that is perfect! You can buy the full kit here. Thank you for reading, Love Saff x

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