2 amazing recipes that will change your mindset on breakfast for good

I’ve always always been a breakfast person, no wait. I’ve always been a food person, but let’s not get carried away and go off on a tangent (as I’m very good at that and once I start well… you see? Here we go, just what I was trying to avoid). I try to follow a balanced diet (a handful of chocolate in each hand is balanced right?) but this can be rather hard as I tend to steer clear from wheat, gluten and dairy as a rule.

The Free From struggle

Anyone who suffers with food intolerances and allergies will know how not only how difficult it is to avoid the foods that cause a problem but also how expensive and time consuming it can be finding things that they can eat, without the worry of stomach upset.

Simply grabbing a snack or a quick bite to eat can be a total nightmare and before you know it you end up in a bit of a flap. Yes, the free from sections of stores are SO much better than they used to be but they are still expensive and the foods aren’t always as nutritious as the non free from items.

Finding the right way to start the day

Recently I’ve started working longer shifts which can often mean starting earlier and getting home later. A typical day at work can start anytime between 8 and 10 am for me, which I know isn’t too bad but when I wake up in the morning my body isn’t always ready for a meal. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and arguably the most important too, in order to be productive and not be hangry (or my poor colleagues and customers would really suffer) I must start the day with something nutritious, filling and fuss free.

Fruit is something that I don’t enjoy eating, give me vegetables any day… fruit can be messy, sticky and takes me far too long to eat. When you’re working at a desk you don’t really want to be washing your hands constantly or faffing with your food.

2 amazing recipes that will change your mindset on breakfast for good

A quick and easy solution to start the day the healthy way

That’s where we get onto the subject of today’s post. Recently I’ve been starting my day with a smoothie, yes I know smoothies aren’t original and they are something people have been enjoying for a long long time. So let me tell you why this is different.

I’ve been trialling the ‘Recipes with Rachel’ Green Goddess and Fruit burst shakes which are based around the Herbalife Vanilla Healthy meal shake mix. I was kindly gifted the Free from version so I could avoid any stomach upset or discomfort.

If I’m being honest I was a little skeptical about trying these shakes, not because I don’t really like fruit but because dare I admit it, I was rather looking forward to trying these shakes to better balance my diet without actually having to eat the fruit.

What I was unsure about was essentially having what could be classed as a meal replacement. I don’t agree with fads or diet drinks or anything even remotely similar so I had to put some real thought into whether this collaboration would work for me. Without straying too far from the point I thought it over and decided that maybe trying something new would be good for me. Herbalife shakes aren’t just for weight loss, I’m trying them just to make my diet more nutritious and to start my day with foods my body will enjoy.

2 amazing recipes that will change your mindset on breakfast for good

Green Goddess shake

To tell you the truth green drinks scare me a little, especially when they involve cucumber and celery (two things you wouldn’t get me to eat raw) I’m not sure why but my taste-buds aren’t really a fan of these two ingredients. Putting these thoughts aside I made sure I had all the ingredients necessary for the shake and whipped it up in my trusty blender.

I can happily report that I couldn’t taste the celery or the cucumber and that this shake was really refreshing. It was a great way to get my greens in without a fuss and perfect for when I’m on the go. I would recommend having this shake as either a breakfast or snack throughout the day.

Another bonus is that all the ingredients in this recipe are rather cheap and easy to come by, I had enough fresh ingredients to last me for several shakes.

2 amazing recipes that will change your mindset on breakfast for good

Fruit Burst shake

This shake was a little less scary to me (laughs) because it included things I actually rather like. Take the blueberries or mango for example, they are delicious! This one was really sweet and satisfied my sweet craving in the morning, when I get these cravings I’m often tempted to take a trip to the work cafe for a flapjack or something that won’t really fill me up, but this hit the spot.

I think that similarly to the green shake this one would be great for a mid morning or afternoon snack to keep sugar levels on track and just to add a little more nutritional value to an individual’s intake.

Overall thoughts

Overall I’m really pleased that I tried adding these shakes to my diet and I have since continued to include them. I have found that they satisfy my cravings and stop me from mindlessly indulging throughout the day, especially in the morning as I’m a very slow shake drinker. This means that I don’t think about grabbing something else to eat because I should be having this first and so I’m taking the step in making a conscious effort to include more nutritious and fresh ingredients into my diet. As I mentioned earlier I have been including these shakes in my diet to make it more balanced and to try and be a healthier individual.

To purchase the shake mix in this recipe please visit their website here.

Thank you for reading,

Love Saff x

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