How to layer Womens clothes for Autumn – with what you already own

So with all this talk about ‘fast fashion‘, being more sustainable, and the fact that I’ve had this post drafted in my notes on my phone for a really long time. I thought it was about time that we talked about layering clothes for Autumn but this doesn’t mean I’m giving you the free pass go out and buy lots of new things, I’m talking about seeing what you’ve got in your wardrobe or your chest of drawers or wherever you keep your clothes. It’s time to get creative… (Stay tuned if you’d like a crash course in layering).

Don’t get me wrong I love getting new clothes as much as any fashion lover, I’m not saying I’m not going to buy any new clothes ever again because that would be unrealistic. I’m just going to look for more ways to restyle what I already have without buying completely new outfits. There are so many ways to refashion items to create whole new looks without spending a fortune.

So the ‘layering’ crash course begins…

Now without further ado and no promise of me stopping rambling let’s talk about layering. Let’s take that Summer dress that you loved and are ready to put to the back of the wardrobe until warmer days, you know the one you said you wished you could wear ALL year round? Well why can’t you? What’s really stopping you? Yes, it may be too cold to have your arms or your chest out but that’s where layering comes in.

Take this pinafore dress for example, it’s pretty, bright and perfect for Spring and Summer months but not practical for Autumn with its thin straps and almost open back. Wrong, with a little help from a tshirt, roll neck top or jumper and maybe adding some jewellery too you’ve got yourself an outfit suitable for the colder months without spending a penny (that is unless you have no shirts or roll neck tops of course. I have more than I care to admit). Oh and just add some boots or trainers for a more dressed down look and your ready to go, without the worry of getting chilly feet!

Saffy dixon layering for autumnSaffy dixon layering for autumn

Jumpsuits are perfect for Autumn months aren’t they? Let’s not forget playsuits too, just because they aren’t full length and don’t cover all of your legs doesn’t mean that they can’t be worn when the weather takes a turn for the cold. Why not add a pair of sheer tights if the weather’s a little cooler or in case it really does take a turn for worse put on a pair of woolly tights or thick plain ones if you’re boring like me and like more of a simple look. You can also ditch the sandals and add a pair of cool boots or trainers to really give the outfit a bit of character.

Saffy dixon layering for autumnSaffy dixon layering for autumn

Layering isn’t all about putting things under other things, well it is most of the time but why not layer different materials and textures for a more interesting look? In this outfit I popped a red turtle neck top under one of my favourite pinafore dresses and finished the look with an oversized boxy coat. This stopped me getting too cold with my legs out, but allowed me to wear a mixture of different colours and textures. Btw this pinafore was last years H&M but you’d never know would you?

Saffy dixon layering for autumnSaffy dixon layering for autumn

Okay, now let’s talk about jumpsuits shall we? I love a good jumpsuit but I find the tiny little straps just SO impractical and not me at all. I love that the style and fit of this one is great for layering and again by adding something underneath the jumpsuit its easy to make it Autumn weather worthy. You could also mix things up a little and put a cosy jumper over the top for a more relaxed look. I just love adding a belt and jewellery to an outfit because I’m a big fan of the smaller details.

Saffy dixon layering for autumnSaffy dixon layering for autumn

For those special occasions, it can be a little more difficult to layer looks but I think you’ve just got to be smarter about it. In this case I’m using a dress as an example and I’ve chosen to wear a mesh tshirt underneath it. Not only does wearing it this way keep me warm but it creates a whole new look, which I doubt many other people will be sporting.

Saffy dixon layering for autumnSaffy dixon layering for autumn

So there you have it a crash course into layering clothes for Autumn and a tiny attempt at tackling ‘fast fashion‘. I guess the main bits to take out of this post are that you don’t have to discard your favourite items because the weather is getting cooler. All you need is a tshirt, long sleeve top or jumper to create a whole new look and a little creativity too. Adding a piece of jewellery here and there can finish off any look whether its a couple of necklaces, a pair of earrings or something simple. A pair of boots can help make that gap between an item of clothing and your ankles that little bit smaller (for less chill) and a pair of trainers can turn a seemingly smart outfit into something a little more casual and everyday.

Thank you for reading,

Love Saff x

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