The Autumn lookbook for Women

Since Autumn is finally here (and has only just begun) I thought it was about time we talked a little about how to dress appropriately for the season. As you may already know I’m a lover of a good lookbook so today’s post is ALL about me sharing Autumn looks that you can recreate yourself.

You’d probably think I was joking if I told you that I struggled to create Autumnal outfits, especially if you knew how many clothes I have. But if I showed you only a selection of ‘Jeans and a jumper‘ looks because it goes without saying it’s the alternative to ‘Jeans and a nice top‘ it would be a rather boring selection and probably of no inspiration at all. So with that said, I think I’ve done enough rambling, lets get on to the post…

Look one: The statement tee

This one might not strike you as particularly Autumnal but just hear me out on this one. Nothing beats culottes and I mean nothing, unless it’s Winter which in that case means pass me the jeans and tights because I can’t cope with cold ankles. But anywaaaay high waisted culottes are just so flattering, especially when you get that perfect fit and when paired with a statement tee (you can find this one here) it creates a more smart casual look. Which is one of my favourite kind of looks, not too serious but practical at the same time. If it gets a little chilly you can always add a jacket or switch up the slingbacks for ankle boots!

White Vogue Printed Crop Top - Molly

Look two: The jumper of dreams

Yes, I know I said I’m not going to just do a post about ‘Jeans and a nice jumper‘ and that’s almost true… This outfit is a combination of a favourite skirt, (that’s been hibernating for so long I almost forgot about it) a new cream knit jumper that I’m literally obsessed with and my trusty buckle boots which recently I’ve been spending a lot of time in.

I’m really loving this outfit because its a mix of casual with the knitwear and cool (well I think so anyway) with the buckle boots. Recently I’ve been trying to experiment a little more with my style by putting things together that in the past I didn’t think would work. It turns out this is rather fun and makes fashion that little bit more exciting.

Cream Loose Fit Crop Knitted Jumper - EdenCream Loose Fit Crop Knitted Jumper - Eden

Look three: The Red one

There’s something about Red, I don’t know what that is but it makes me feel happy. Whether that’s because Red makes me feel bold, or ready for (dare I say it) Christmas celebration and fun I don’t know, I just really enjoy wearing it. So when  I saw this jumper I just knew I had to have it in Red. It’s so easy to be sucked into wearing dull, boring colours in Autumn, but why would you want to do that? Do dull colours make you feel happy? (no) do dull colours make you feel enthused? (errr no) so why reflect the dreariness of the season when you can wear colour in comfort and style?

A good pair of mom jeans and jumper is one of my go to outfits, especially when I’m grabbing a coffee with a friend, off to work or just going about my daily business. You know before you throw on this kind of outfit that not only is it practical but makes you feel good too. This can so easily be dressed up with a pair of boots or a pair of trainers for a more casual look, you can shop my Red jumper here.

Red Oversized Crop Jumper - Shaunie

Look four: The cropped one

The word ‘cropped‘ usually sends me running with fear, I joke I usually just click X and look to find something uncropped. One of the problems that comes with having a rather long body for a 5ft 6 gal is that ‘regular‘ cropped items barely even cover my boobs and just don’t flatter my figure at all. So you’re probably thinking, ‘why did you buy a cropped jumper if you know cropped is a problem for you?‘ and that’s a sensible question, I really loved the look of this jumper and spent about 5 minutes staring at it (online) to work out whether it would fit or not and decided that looking at a model online wasn’t going to help so I’d just have to go with it (as you can see below it fits perfectly).

Styling this jumper with my favourite polka dot skirt was a pretty easy choice for me as a pop of colour makes so much difference to any outfit. What with it being Autumn a little bit of colour always helps brighten things up! I added a pair of ankle boots to avoid chilly ankles and a suede brown bag to lighten up the look and add a little texture.

Black V-Neck Cropped Jumper - CordeliaBlack V-Neck Cropped Jumper - Cordelia

So there you have it, my Autumnal look book for women! Of course you don’t have to have these exact items, similar items will work just the same (if not better). I just wanted to give you a little outfit inspiration for the coming Autumn months.

Thanks for reading,

Love Saff x

DISCLAIMER: The tee and jumpers in this post were kindly gifted by Femme Luxe.

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