How I became more of a morning person and how you can too with these easy steps…

How I became more of a morning person and how you can too with these easy steps...

In all my 23 years of life (I’m getting old. I joke. I joke) I’ve NEVER really been a morning person. I mean who really wants to leave their cosy bed in the morning to do things? Not me. Now Autumn is approaching I’m even less likely to want to leave my bed to you know, well be productive. 

Until recently I really struggled to get out of bed in the morning, I mean it’s not like I just hop out now and think great lets goooooo. I doubt i’ll ever be that enthusiastic that I just leap out of bed, but I’m definitely a lot better at getting up that I used to be.

Recently I made a few small changes to my morning routine which have really helped me become a little more bearable in the AM. This is especially important if I have to be at work early helping customers, no-one wants a grumpy customer service rep at the other end of the phone. Anywaaaaaaay lets talk about how to get over that morning slump the easiest way I know.

How I became more of a morning person and how you can too with these easy steps...

Ditch the phone) Yep that’s right, I know we all love to scroll through Instagram or Twitter or whatever social media platform has your interest. But do you really think that looking at what everyone else is doing is going to help you get ready for your day and get you out of bed? No. Switch that alarm off and put the phone down (that’s an order).

Get straight in the shower) If you’re one of those strange people who showers in the evening then this one’s not for you and yes TS if you’re reading this I mean you…. I know that if I’m not feeling awake one thing for certain that helps me wake up is getting in that shower. Feeling fresh is a great way to start your day, would you want to start it any other way?

Exercise) If you think you’re reading this wrong I promise you aren’t. When I say exercise I don’t mean go for a 10 mile run or a full on gym session before work (unless you really want to then be my guest). What I try to do is just get moving, whether that’s parking my car a little further away the night before than usual if I’m driving into work or walking a stop further to catch the bus. If I’m on a late shift then a gym session is ideal. I just know that sometimes this isn’t practical and any activity big or small is bound to help you wake up much easier.

How I became more of a morning person and how you can too with these easy steps...

Don’t lay in bed) You may think that lying in bed will give you time to ‘wake up nicely‘ but really you’re just kidding yourself. you’re more likely to a) fall back to sleep or b) end up waking with 10 minutes to get ready because you were too busy watching facebook videos or catching up on the group chat you missed whilst catching z’s (I’m going back to the no phone rule again here).

Ditch the snooze button) I’ve never been a real ‘snoozer‘ to be honest but from the few times I’ve hit that snooze button in the past I can’t remember actually feeling better from the extra five minutes of sleep I got. Snoozing is probably worse than getting up in the first place because once you start you want to keep snoozing and then by the time you get up you really really don’t want to get up and that’s not a happy way to start your day.

How I became more of a morning person and how you can too with these easy steps...

Getting to sleep earlier the night before) This one may not always be possible because if you’re anything like me you plan to go to sleep early then realise you have lots to do but were too busy procrastinating to actually do anything… Or you just majorly overthink everything before you go to sleep so you can’t possibly sleep because you’re too busy thinking. Why not set aside 10 minutes before you go to sleep to write down everything you need to remember to do the next day so it’s off your mind?

Be prepared) Why not make a packed lunch the night before or lay your clothes out ready for the next day? These will not only save you time in the morning but save you extra stress too in case you accidentally turn off that alarm of yours…

How I became more of a morning person and how you can too with these easy steps...

Establish a routine) Every single morning I get up shower, get dressed, do my makeup (if I can be bothered), sort my food for the day and head off to work. Usually checking my Insta as I stroll… So at least I’m not making myself late looking at social media before I get to work. The main part of my routine which always stays the same is breakfast. Without fail I eat breakfast, I used to do this before I went to work but I found that I wasn’t enjoying my food. By the time it reached 10AM I was starving and couldn’t wait for a snack. I’ve now started to wait until I’m actually hungry (around 10am) to have my first meal and I feel so so much better oh and don’t forget that morning coffee.

I think establishing a morning routine that works for you whether you eat early or late or exercise or whatever you choose to do really helps with getting up in the morning. I used to give myself well over an hour in the morning to get up and get ready whereas now I tend to give myself half an hour (so I can’t procrastinate) I’m then ready and out the door whilst getting as much unbroken sleep as I can!

Whether you choose to try all these tips or maybe just a few I hope they make you feel like more of a morning person and feel ready to take on your day!

Thanks for reading,

Love Saff x

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  1. October 18, 2018 / 9:23 am

    Great advice! I definitely agree with ditching the phone! I find that sometimes the alarm goes off and I sit there just scrolling and watching Facebook video’s when I’m not really interested, I guess I’m just stalling for more time in bed! Showers in the morning are always a great help too.

    Chloe x

    • saffydixon
      October 26, 2018 / 9:36 am

      It’s so hard not to just sit on your phone in the mornings isn’t it! I find I can waste so much time ahah x

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