The budget friendly jewellery pieces I actually wear for under £25

I’ve been meaning to write this post for quite some time now (apologies Jewellery Box) but have been super busy with work, friends, family and well life really. I haven’t (until now) managed to find the time to sit down and get typing, that’s why it’s so important to me that the jewellery I’ve selected for this post has to fit in with my everyday life. I’ve always been a lover of anything fashion related, you can ask my parents for photos of me growing up if you don’t believe me (but I’d rather you didn’t). Anywaaaaaay without going too off track anything fashion related has had my interest for as long as I remember. It wasn’t until recently that I started experimenting with jewellery to put those ‘finishing touches‘ to looks I’ve created.

The budget friendly jewellery pieces I actually wear for under £25

Finding the perfect ‘all occasion’ necklace

Statement jewellery has never really been my thing. I tend to be more drawn towards smaller, daintier and more delicate pieces. I’m not one to be in the limelight you see, so if I can blend in I’ll take that… Jewellery to me is something that should be worn to enhance a look rather than take over, to add detail and be that finishing touch.

When it comes to the colour of a piece of jewellery gold is my favourite unless it’s a ring and then it has to be silver but I’ll get on to that later… I’m not sure what it is but there is something about gold necklaces that really appeal to me, which is why I wanted this tiny karma circle pendant from Jewellery Box. Ever since these photos were taken this necklace literally hasn’t left my neck, I’d almost go as far as saying I forget I’m wearing it at times!

The budget friendly jewellery pieces I actually wear for under £25

The budget friendly jewellery pieces I actually wear for under £25

My lifelong love for earrings

I’ve worn earrings since long before I can remember, but over the years the amount of piercing’s I’ve had on my ears (and body in general) have grown as I’ve tried to find a style that suits me (I’m still trying here). So my day to day my look can vary from small stud earrings to hoop earrings and anything in between. There isn’t much of a limit apart from when it feels like my earlobes are going to fall off because a pair of earrings are too heavy… I’m joking, as I mentioned earlier I prefer more subtle pieces.

When I came across this set of gold dipped sterling silver hoop sleeper earrings (8mm 10mm 12mm) AKA ‘huggy earrings‘ I just knew that the set would suit me and get a lot of wear. They are small enough to be noticed and there was no concern on whether they would match and they were extremely affordable too especially for a set of three!

The budget friendly jewellery pieces I actually wear for under £25

The budget friendly jewellery pieces I actually wear for under £25

Rings, rings rings…

I never thought I’d be the type of person to wear a ‘fashionable‘ ring. I’m not sure why but in the past wearing something on my fingers has never really appealed to me. That was until I stumbled across Jewellery Box’s page on Instagram one day and fell in love with the sterling silver laurel leaf roman adjustable midi toe ring (yes you read that right this is in fact a toe ring, it’s adjustable which makes it perfect for any size finger or toe). When selecting jewellery it has to fit a few rules of mine including; I must not get bored of it in a few days, it must go with everything and it must last. This ring ticked ALL the boxes for me so it’s a must have in my collection.

You may notice that the ring is silver, unlike the other items in this post and the reason is I don’t like to wear gold rings. I’ve also got a new found love for rings, I’m unsure if it’s because I care more about my nails than I used to or whether my hands just look nicer when there’s something shiny on them, either way I’m loving adding smaller more detailed pieces to my everyday look.

The budget friendly jewellery pieces I actually wear for under £25

What you might be shocked to know is that all of the pieces of jewellery mentioned in this post came to a total of under £25, how fab is that? So if that doesn’t show that jewellery can be both beautiful and affordable (without turning your fingers green in a few days) then I don’t know what will. Why not check out Jewellery Box here?

Thank you for reading,

Love Saff x

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  1. Aisling Jacyna
    September 3, 2018 / 8:09 pm

    Love this post and the pieces that you’re wearing are lovely. Whilst I like all types of jewellery – earlobe killing included – I couldn’t agree more that it’s important to find a style that suits you.

    Aisling x

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