10 Tips for surviving your period – without breaking the bank

10 Tips for surviving your period - Without breaking the bank

So this post is going to be a bit TMI (apologies in advance especially if you’re a male subscriber and well let’s be honest I doubt it’s going to be your kinda thing) if you aren’t ready to talk periods and all the related stuff then feel free to exit this post now as you’ve been warned… By clicking on this post in the first place I’m almost hoping that you want to read about this subject so yeah, let’s start!

Up until now I literally don’t remember the last time I had a proper period and I mean for real. I’ve been on contraception since I was about 16 and I’m now 22 so my body has been a little confused for a while. I tried several pills and then the Mirena coil (non copper) which I did not get on with at all, yet had for almost four years, go figure…. Anywayyyyy I recently decided to have this removed as I decided that my body needed a bit of a break from errr ‘unnatural contraception methods’ and before anyone asks me whether I know the risks of what I’m doing blah blah blah. Yes I do, I have not taken this decision lightly and I’ve had enough people asking me if I’m doing the right thing and all I’m going to say is yes I’m comfortable with my decision. For now I’m looking forward to learning about my body without any funky chemicals making me a crazy woman. Okayyy ranty intro over.

10 Tips for surviving your period - Without breaking the bank

Soooo periods, weird and wonderful eh? A while ago had you asked me whether I’d be happy to have them I’d have laughed at you and said hell no, periods suck. And yeah to be fair they do suck even know as I’m writing this post on my period…. But let’s think about this realistically. I’m not pregnant so my current form of contraception is working (we’re not ready for children yet so that’s good). My ovaries are doing their job whilst making me incredibly hungry and crampy… At least I know after years of medication and god knows what they are back on top form.

My body is relishing being au naturel… yes, periods aren’t glamorous and their sudden arrival can give a bit of an ‘oh how fantastic’ response, well another response if we’re honest but I’m trying to keep as low key here as possible because sometimes Aunt Flo can creep up on us but hey it’s all part of the excitement.

My 10 top tips to keep periods at bay

I thought I’d share with you my top tips for not turning into a completely crazy person on your period. Feel free to take this advice from someone who’s been there (ask any of my family about my teenage years). So I’ve come up with a list of 10 things that are helping me keep in control of my crazy emotions and body… I’m hoping they will help you too.

1. I’m on fire – Literally I feel like I’m on fire, I’m hot, restless and sweaty and my hot water bottle I’m attached to for the duration of my period doesn’t help that situation… Invest in a fan my friends and wear light and loose clothing where possible to avoid any extra heat!

10 Tips for surviving your period - Without breaking the bank

2. Hot water bottle (AKA your new bff) – This will become your best friend, I’m known as the girl with the red hot water bottle at work because it is literally my saviour. Go invest gals! The hot water bottle I keep at home is Pink and fluffy and perfect for sleeping with as the outside is not rubber so doesn’t burn me. Always be careful when sleeping with hot water bottles (I will not be held responsible for burns sorry).

3. Chocolate – Yes, I said chocolate but don’t get too excited. Try and have as dark as possible so you can get lots of magnesium, this is meant to help with your cramps. I’m sold hand it over. Do Green & Blacks deliver? I’ll take it by the bucketload.

4. Exercise – You’ll probably hate me for saying this as the last thing you’ll want to do when feeling rubbish. Trust me it will make you feel soooo much better. Pop on those trainers and get outside, yoga is also meant to be great for the TOTM too!

5. Avoid sugar – Like anyone else I’m a sucker for ‘I feel bad let’s eat cake and stuff’. Literally any excuse and I feel like a sweet treat will help. Sadly when it comes to periods all this will do is make you feel worse as your blood sugar levels will be all over the place.

10 Tips for surviving your period - Without breaking the bank

6. Eat regularly – During your period it’s best to eat little and often so you’re satisfied and don’t go overboard on the food. When I’m on my period all I want to do is eat eat eat and I can’t think of anything else. I’d suggest bulking meals up with green veggies to help keep you full!

7. Hydration – Periods make you feel bloated which in turn makes you feel pants and puffy.. I get it, why would you then want to drink more water? Welllll water is good and you need to drink at least 2L per day so your body doesn’t hold onto it because it doesn’t think it has enough so drink up! Plus with all the fluid you’re losing you need to keep hydrated.

8. Avoid salty food – I’m currently thinking of chips, I adore chips and periods equal a craving for carbs and chips covered in salt. I’d advise staying away from salty and processed foods as much as possible as these will only make you bloat and hold onto more water, I call it ‘Sodibloat‘.

9. Tracking your period – I never used to do this and then got caught off guard (my bad). But I’ve discovered a free app called Glow which helps you track your periods and your symptoms. i.e. hunger, I feel like I could eat everything… This app is perfect if you want to be able to track how you feel and want to predict when you’ll next come on your period.

10. Stay away from fizzy drinks – It sounds kind of silly I guess but it makes sense. Short term you may feel better for having a fizzy drink as it boosts your sugar levels, however it won’t help with bloating and can make you feel worse once your sugar levels drop again.

10 Tips for surviving your period - Without breaking the bank

There you have it, my top 10 tips for keeping your period under control (as much as possible).

I hope you enjoyed reading this post,

Thanks for reading,

Love Saff x

Disclaimer: *I am not a medical professional, please take my advice at your own risk.*

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10 Tips for surviving your period - Without breaking the bank


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