An (almost) full face of makeup with Urban Decay

Up until a few years ago I never owned anything from Urban Decay, hell I didn’t own anything more expensive than Natural Collection by Boots (just to put it out there I have nothing against NC it helped me through those teenage years). Recently I’ve been fortunate enough to have either been gifted Urban Decay products or to have enough money to treat myself to beauty products that I really want. I try not to spend a lot of money on makeup as I don’t wear it every day and I rarely wear it to work, but having a couple of products I really love helps me to feel great on that special occasion or night out.

An (almost) full face of makeup with Urban Decay

A few days ago I popped into my nearest Debenham’s in Norwich where Jess who works on the Urban Decay counter (who is lovely) expertly painted my face, much better than I can myself using solely Urban Decay products.

When it comes to foundation I use the Urban Decay all nighter foundation in shade 3.25 I’m rather pale and Jess matched me up to this foundation at the Debenham’s beauty blogger event in Norwich last September. Debenham’s were kind enough to gift me with a full size bottle of foundation perfectly matched to my skin tone which is uber pale. I really like this foundation for when the weather is warmer as it stays on the skin and has a matte look, so no shiny face for me, my face is a little bit combination so the matte feel really does help.

An (almost) full face of makeup with Urban Decay

Urban Decay ‘naked Skin’ Concealer 5ml

Let’s talk about concealers, picking a concealer is literally the hardest thing… Either they are too solid, or too liquidy, they have a horrible applicator or they just don’t have my shade. The Urban Decay Naked skin concealer is my new ‘going out’ concealer, although it was gifted to me I only use it for special occasions because it is quite expensive and I want to save it for best. Mine is in shade Light Warm which is a little bit warm (stating the obvious here I know) , otherwise I end up looking a bit like a gorm and like I’m in need of an early night. The applicator is fluffy and allows you to get into the corners of your eyes and when used with a damp sponge you can really get great non-cakey coverage under those eyes or on any unwanted blemishes.

Urban Decay – ‘Quick Fix Hydracharge’ spray face primer 118ml

For a while I didn’t see the point in using primers so avoided using them, I really didn’t think that using a primer would make that much difference to my skin. The Urban Decay Quick Fix spray is a lightweight primer that applies like a fine mist and really doesn’t feel heavy on the skin or clog up your pores with the added benefit of smelling like coconut too! You only need a couple of spritz’ to make a difference and the Quick Fix spray really does create a barrier between the skin and your makeup, helping to prevent unwanted oils and keep your makeup in place, it’s a godsend for anyone with oily or combination skin, trust me! (This product was also gifted by Debenham’s Beauty Norwich.)

An (almost) full face of makeup with Urban Decay

Urban Decay – ‘Naked Illuminated’ shimmering powder 6g

You can never have too much of a glow can you? No, I didn’t think so either, the Urban Decay Illuminate highlighter powder has become a staple in my makeup bag. I use it pretty much all the time, whether I’m wearing face makeup or not. I just love brushing a little bit over my cheeks and brow bone to add a little glow to my face. It also helps me feel like a Unicorn too, a straight up winner in my eyes… Sometimes I even go as far as applying this over liquid highlighter for an extra glow!

Urban Decay – Vice’ liquid lipstick 5.3ml

I’ve recently started wearing lip tints and lipsticks, something I’ve been a little afraid of in the past purely because I have no idea what colours suit me. It wasn’t until I tried the liquid lipstick from Urban Decay that I felt confident enough to wear a pop of colour. I was matched up with the Crimson liquid lip by Emily at Debenham’s and was instantly sold, a few weeks later I was lucky enough to be gifted another one of these by Jess in the same shade (Red obviously is my colour). The colour has a matte look but I like this as I think a non matte feel in this shade would be a little too much, it’s my favorite when worn with Blue or Mustard colours as it really pops!

An (almost) full face of makeup with Urban Decay

Urban Decay – ‘All Nighter’ setting spray 118ml

Setting spray is my night out and warm day saviour, the Urban Decay all nighter setting spray is another favourite to help combat and prevent any oily areas from appearing and helps my make up stay put. I’d even go as far as saying that I could sleep in my make up (not that I would as that’s gross) and wake up the next day looking the same (if it wasn’t for panda eyes).

Urban Decay – ‘Original’ eyeshadow primer potion 10ml

Eyelid primer is a product I laughed at in the past, I thought it was totally pointless and a waste of money. After attending an Urban decay evening I received a mini eyelid primer in original which has lasted me so long (since September). I didn’t realise how much difference a product like this could make but eyeshadow lasts so much longer when using this and appears wayyyyyy more pigmented too!

An (almost) full face of makeup with Urban Decay

Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes

I’ve got a couple of palettes in my collection including the Metals palette, Daydream palette and Naked 2 all of which I use for different occasions. I love the Metals palette as it is metallic and has some really bold shades, the Daydream palette as it has a White shade and some Spring/Summer colours and Naked 2 as it has all of the natural shades you could need. I’ve found that all of the palettes are really pigmented and you need hardly any product to actually create a look, perfect for anyone who’s lazy like I am and is rubbish at applying the stuff.

The only things left to complete my full face of makeup with Urban Decay are a bronzer, mascara and brow products. For now I’m happy with my collection and love all of the products I have, however with regular product launches and Urban Decay events I’m always adding products to my wish list.

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Love Saff x

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All photos are by Thom Law (photography genius that makes me look good) check out his other work here.

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