Losing my socks, wet hair and clashing prints – Adulting at its finest

Since moving into my own flat (best decision I’ve made in a long while) I’m waaaaay happier than words can describe. Don’t get me wrong it’s not all sunshine and rainbows all the time, and my flat isn’t always spotless but I love it. Going from living at home and sharing a bedroom with my teenage sister to then living in a house share with people I’d never met before to actually living on my own and having personal space it’s literally a dream.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying I wouldn’t want something a little bigger I’m just happy I’ve got my own space at last, especially as I’m now walking distance from the city and a free bus to work (saving pennies wherever I can is key). Oh and I’m about 5 minutes from any shops and restaurants, helloooooo hangover English breakfast!

saffy dixon on adulting and odd socks wearing new look and primark

When you live at home there’s always part of you which feels like everyone needs to know what you’re doing (either that or you’ll be making your own dinner). But I always felt like I had to explain what I was doing or where I was going, not in a negative way but I got locked out the house a few too many times and climbing through the windows wasn’t a sport I wanted to keep up… I then moved closer to the city and felt like I was finally gaining some independence but noooo I was sharing a house with adult children (literally) they didn’t know how to wash up, park sensibly or just boundaries in general (banging on someone’s door after 12pm on a school night because their gf was um too vocal wasn’t what I had in mind).

Then I took the plunge and moved to the city, I LOVE it! All of it. The convenience, the location, well just everything really… I didn’t think I would as I’ve always been a country kinda gal, but ever since I moved to the city I’ve just been a lot happier.

saffy dixon on adulting and odd socks wearing new look and primark

I’m now classing myself as a real adult, you know the kind that juggles housework, bills, a full-time job, the gym, friends, family a bf wellllll you get the jist if it. I’m even mastering the art of parallel parking (lol I’ll never master that) oh and I can plan things in my diary too…

One of the only (current) problems of adulting is actually finding the time to do everything I want, especially as Netflix is always an option and so is eating a whole tub of ice cream or just not moving from my bed. I’m currently without a washing machine for the first time in my life and omg it’s a struggle… (must add message house man about plumbing to my to do list).

saffy dixon on adulting and odd socks wearing new look and primark

I went to meet a pal for a blogging day and thought I’d try to go for the comfy but cool vibe and found that the only socks I had in the house were fishnet socks… not practical at all. I later found out that Andy has all my socks and when asked if he had them he said he couldn’t work out why his had shrunk so much! Relying on other people to do my washing is really forcing me to make the most of my wardrobe and create new outfits, some of which clash awfully and therefore should never ever be seen by the public, maybe it’s time for a clear out or maybe not as I’m far too attached.

I also turned up with soaking wet hair (fetching I know) and a story about how my laptop is ancient ‘but you know it’s a bargain because I got it from eBay for dirt cheap…‘ All of this aside I just love being able to walk into the city, have a girly day with coffee, blogging and take some cheeky snaps for Insta too (even if we did nearly get run over in the process).

saffy dixon on adulting and odd socks wearing new look and primark

If you ever see me pulling this face in public it’s me wondering how to ‘make it or I’ve found food’

Some months adulting can be a toss-up between deciding whether to go food shopping, make a seemingly inedible meal from random contents in the flat because I decided that I really needed that skirt, those shoes and ‘oh my wouldn’t that bag look good with those shoes‘ and now I can’t feed myself…. don’t worry Mum and Dad if you’re reading this I’m not that bad (yet). I’m pretty good really and work out my finances in advance, but sometimes unexpected bills do pop up and throw things a little out of whack, like the ceiling leak I had twice since the move meaning a whole lot of items had to be replaced pronto.

Anywaaaaaay that’s enough rambling from me, for now I’m trying to master adulting (having myself together). Maybe one day I’ll be able to master all of the above and look good too, but for now I’m focusing on trying being happy within myself oh and mastering the art of becoming a rainbow because that’s goals or something like that.

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Photo credit goes to Soph for capturing me at my finest moments…


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  1. July 2, 2018 / 5:32 pm

    Great post! Adulting is difficult. I miss having my own place, because I so feel the relaying of plans. It’s tedious to relay schedules to everyone. I often forget who I told. 🤦🏼‍♀️

    • saffydixon
      July 25, 2018 / 4:01 pm

      It is so difficult! I totally get what you mean, I don’t miss that part of living at home at all! x

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