2018 Goals, mid year catch-up & how is my year going?

Here we are in June already midway through the year (how have we got here?) and I’m sitting here thinking ooops I haven’t achieved any of my goals that I set myself for 2018. Maybe I’m being a little hard on myself and maybe I was being unrealistic when I set my goals, I just don’t feel like I’ve actually achieved anything so far. Anywaaaaay let’s have a quick catch up. If you’re feeling nosey you can read my original post on the goals I set for 2018 here.

2018 Goals, mid year catch-up & how is my year going? saffy dixon

Career Aspirations

I’d planned to head more towards the social media/ digital marketing route and set myself a target of achieving this by now, but this hasn’t changed… It’s okay there’s still another 6 months left in the year. For now I’m getting stuck in and trying to be the best version of me that I can be and I’m learning not to put too much pressure on myself as long as I’m heading in the right direction.

2018 Goals, mid year catch-up & how is my year going? saffy dixon

Blog goals

In an ideal world I’d be a full-time blogger or more realistically (for now) as I’ve got bills to pay I’d love to work four days a week but do my full-time hours and have a whole day which I could commit to blogging every week. However in reality I’m scrabbling to find the odd hour here and there to speed type, edit and publish a blog post, using my morning commute to work to plan a post on the notes section of my phone. Working 9-5, blogging, going to the gym, looking after myself and seeing friends and family is a hard thing to keep on top of (unless you’re super organised). I started off the year being really organised but lately I’m just too busy, I shouldn’t complain though as I’d rather be busy than bored. I’ve collaborated with L’occitane which you can read about here and Eimi-online boutique too which you can read here. Which I’m pretty proud of (if you can’t already tell) so let’s see what opportunities the rest of the year will bring.

When it comes to reaching my goals I’ve definitely posted a lot more Fashion content which I planned to, this wouldn’t have been possible without the help of Thom Law and his awesome photography (check him out here).

2018 Goals, mid year catch-up & how is my year going? saffy dixon

Personal goals

I’m learning to put myself first and investing a more time into self-care, after all if you don’t look after yourself who will? I’m trying not to be so hard on myself when I don’t reach my goals and I’m attempting to work smarter rather than harder. In the next 6 months I’m going to try to reach out to new people and try to push myself out of my comfort zone whether that’s putting myself forward for things at work, reaching out to brands for my blog or just being involved and interacting more with the people around me.

2018 Goals, mid year catch-up & how is my year going? saffy dixon

Fitness & Health goals

Finallyyyyy a goal I can say I’ve actually achieved, I’ve been drinking a LOT more water! It’s not a big goal to achieve but I certainly feel better for it, I bought a 2.2L water bottle which I keep at work and fill up every morning. Once I’ve drunk this I feel happy (although I spend the majority of my day going to the loo) after all small changes are the best as they are much easier stick to in the long run. I also set myself the goal of trying to stick to my gluten free diet and not having cheeky non-gluten free things, not only do I feel mentally better but physically better too. As time goes on I’m feeling less tempted by cakes and pastries, plus a lot more places are making healthier gluten free alternatives now so that’s always a bonus. I’ve written a post all about being gluten free which you can check out here if you’re interested.

I set myself a target of going to the gym more often and by this I mean at least three times per week (whenever my schedule allows), the majority of the time I do this but it’s quite hard with shift work. I’m trying to do more workouts incorporating HIIT so I can spend less time at the gym but still get the same benefits. Moving house has helped with this as I now live in the city so can walk a whole lot more!

2018 Goals, mid year catch-up & how is my year going? saffy dixon

Financial goals

Realistically with renting and having a clothes obsession like I’m never going to be able to save a great deal, until I either move in with Andy or get a pay rise… (not buying clothes isn’t an option for now) Andy and I are still saving for a house and the pay situation hasn’t changed, however I’m trying my best to change this. I’ve also been paid for a couple of blog posts this year so that’s pretty exciting! I haven’t saved much this year as Andy and I are making up for not travelling much last year and have lots of trips planned for the next few months. Although saving for the future is very important I do think living and exploring is just as important too as experiences are just as valuable as possessions if not more valuable…

Thanks for reading,

Love Saff x

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2018 Goals, mid year catch-up & how is my year going? saffy dixon



  1. June 11, 2018 / 7:46 pm

    Really enjoyed this post. Defiantly shouldn’t be too hard on yourself you’re absolutely smashing it and spinning all the plates can be tough.

    Love your content and blog

    Much love

    • saffydixon
      June 30, 2018 / 10:12 am

      Aw thank you so much lovely, you’re too kind! Hope you’re doing well xx

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