A few days in Dubrovnik – Highlights

For quite some time we had some days booked off work (Andy and I). With no idea where to go but we knew that we just wanted to get away. I’d seen a photo of a few girls in a lagoon in Croatia and from that moment on I just knew we had to go… I’m pretty useless when it comes to booking holiday’s so that’s Andy’s job (I can’t get the blame for messing it up then).

Where to stay in Dubrovnik


We stayed in a lovely house called Lapad House in Lapad, Dubrovnik. It was reasonably priced at around £30 per night for two adults (this was in May 2018) and our hosts were very accommodating especially considering our flight there was delayed by two hours… This was no problem at all, they booked us a transfer from the airport to the accommodation and waited up for us to arrive. They were even so kind as to look after our baggage on our final day when our check-out was in the morning at 11am and we weren’t due at the airport until 6pm. We were just over 2 miles from the Old town which was a 5 minute bus ride if you don’t fancy a stroll (I personally do because then I can eat more). If that’s not up your street then you’ll be pleased to know that where we stayed in Lapad was no more than a 5 minute walk from the beach and the strip which was home to many restaurants and bars.

Where to eat

If you aren’t fussy with food then Dubrovnik is perfect for you, there were many restaurants with so many food and drink options. However if you’re gluten and dairy free like me you might find it a little bit of a struggle (unless you want chips everyday or have an endless supply of money). The food I had I really enjoyed, I just found that a lot of places didn’t know what gluten-free was and their only option was meat and potatoes which was twice the price if not more than anything else.


Andy on the other hand isn’t fussy at all and had some amazing food, Including giant pizza’s, Gourmet burgers and incredible ice creams (I had a bit of a breakdown over the ice cream… it’s best not to ask). Beaaaaautiful looking bread and my favouriteeeee Mexican food too! My meals included Ham & Leek potato gnocchi which was delicious however the portion size was tiny, a burger with no bun or cheese, not my favourite meal if I’m honest, the Pina Colada made up for this one. We did find one restaurant that did Gluten & Dairy free pasta which was delicious and the portion was humongous!!!

Breakfast was the most difficult meal to find a gluten & dairy free option for, in the end we bought a giant bag of honey nut cornflakes and cashew milk from the local supermarket called Tommy (there are a few of these). We also stocked up on snacks from here too to keep us going throughout the day!


  • Cafe Festival – This is where I had the best Gnocchi in the tiniest portion and Andy had his beast burger with chippys (which I stole).
  • Forketka – Perfect for a snack, they do awesome chips here (you know the crispy ones which are squashy inside?).
  • Konavoka – This is where I had THE burger, Andy’s pizza on the otherhand looked delicious.
  • Scala – Home to delicious Mexican food, we may or may not have had too much wine here as it was pouring down with rain, any excuse not to go outside…

What to do & see



Sea Kayaking and cliff jumping was my all time favourite part of the trip (apart from eating ofc). We did this on our last day as it was too windy on the day we planned so the trip was cancelled. Our guide was called Eddie who was very knowledgeable (with all the history stuff) and made our paddling look atrocious, especially as I kept pushing too hard with my right arm. We were provided snacks and regular breaks and then towards the end we cliff jumped. I was the only girl to jump and although I took my time getting up there (I didn’t think I’d make it) it was pretty exhilarating (not that I did it again). The whole trip was about 8km, it’s safe to say I ate to my heart’s content the rest of the day… I was starving! The half day tour was about £27.50 each.



Lokrum Island was full of things to see and do, including cafe’s and restaurants. We travelled by ferry which was about a 15 minute journey each way and spent a few hours exploring! My favourite parts were the lagoon (where crazy people jumped into the freezing water), the fort on the top of the hill and seeing all the beautiful Peacocks! On our kayaking trip we actually paddled around Lokrum Island itself. The ferry trip there and back cost around £14.50 each.

We visited the Old town a couple of times because there were lots of bits to do and it happened to be the home to the following;

Walls of Dubrovnik (£20 ish each) – You could pay to walk around the walls of the city and have a look in. This was quite a long walk with lots of steps and beautiful views allowing you to see into people’s gardens (if you’re nosey) and if you wanted a rest there were plenty of cafe’s along the way!



Port of Old Town (free) – This is where you buy tickets for trips on the ferry to the islands near Dubrovnik, there are also a couple of restaurants here too if you’re hungry (and have lots of money).

Captain Candy sweet shop (free entry) – This was probably Andy’s favourite bit, although we did get a bit carried away and get waaaaaay more sweets than we bargained for for the price… who knew they were so heavy?

Cathedral (free) – One thing I’ve learnt from my travels is to peak inside every church you can because they are beautiful! Just make sure you are suitably covered or you won’t be allowed in (a scarf is always helpful).

Beach (free) – The perfect place to sit with a drink and some grub watching the world go by as the Sun sets, who needs to go anywhere when there’s such a view.



Dubrovnik Cable car (£10 ish each) – We took a trip up the mountain by cable car (because we were too lazy to walk up) where we were able to stand on another fort and get a view of Dubrovnik and the surrounding islands. We braved the walk down the mountain where I fell over (that’s me clumsy as always) and three men asked if I was ok, I was fine. It was just my pride that was hurt…

What to wear

If you’re planning on walking around a lot I’d suggest sticking to comfy shoes and loose clothing as much as possible. Our visit was in May and it was rather warm. I took a few summer dresses, shorts, loose tops, sandals, trainers, a bikini and a comfy pair of denim cullottes for the evening oh and LOTS of suncream (burns are an easy way to ruin any holiday).


In Croatia their currency is the kuna which really confused me as I spent a lot of time trying to work out how much everything was in english money because you get a lot more kuna to the British pound. Everytime I went somewhere I was like WHAAAAT?! How much was that? When realistically it was like 50p

I think the four days we spent in Dubrovnik was long enough, any longer and I think we would have run out of different things to see and do. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan I’ve been told there are a lot of GOT related activities however I don’t know what these are as I’m not a fan (sorry to disappoint)!

I hope you enjoyed today’s post and got a little inspiration for a mini break!

Thanks for reading,

Love Saff x

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