Adding colours, textures & prints to my wardrobe with Eimi-online boutique

I’ve alwaaaaaays been a lover of Black clothing because well you know, nothing goes better with Black than Black. You know what I’m saying right? When I say there was a point where everything in my wardrobe was black I’m not even joking, I’ll even go as far as mentioning that my favourite basic tee says ‘All Black everything‘. So yeah, the obsession is real alright.

Adding colours, textures & prints with Eimi-online boutiqueIt wasn’t until Andy kept mentioning that all I ever wear is Black (because I constantly joked that most of his items were Blue) which makes me a little bit of a hypocrite I know. Black is just such a safe colour especially if you’re going on a night out, you’ll never have to worry about any of your items clashing colour-wise because they all match…

Whilst writing this I’ve realised how crazy I sound, but it gets better trust me! Over the last few months I’ve been slowly adding colour into my wardrobe, block colours I’ll admit but colour nonetheless (this is a big deal for me). I now have Mustard (the new Black in my eyes), Green, Blue, Red, Pink & well you name it… I’m still buying the same items in Black too as I just can’t resist but I’m one step closer to being a little bit less ‘dull‘ and more adventurous.

So this is where Eimi-online boutique come in, normally I wouldn’t choose to wear anything with bold prints on it because I don’t like to draw too much attention to myself and because I usually pick things that don’t flatter my colouring or shape in any way at all (if you want to be my personal stylist my inbox is open – just holla at me) anyway back to the post. When I was approached by Eimi-online boutique I made it my mission to really challenge myself to not go for something plain and easy to wear, but to go for something that I would see someone else in and wish I could wear. I mean there’s no reason that I can’t wear something (unless it physically doesn’t fit).

Adding colours, textures & prints with Eimi-online boutique

Adding colours, textures & prints with Eimi-online boutique

After browsing the site for a considerable amount of time I was torn between a White jacket and the bodysuit, the White jacket would be so easy to wear but it’s coming up to Summer and the bodysuit in my eyes would be more weather appropriate… The decision was made and I placed my order! Once it arrived I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was and the material has a silkyfeel to it which is perfect because I’m not a fan of jersey as I find it sticks to me and just isn’t flattering at all.

I had a few occasions where I really wanted to wear the bodysuit as it’s so pretty but wanted to wait until I got some nice photos first… I can confirm that I’m usually an 8-10 up top and I got mine in a size small and it fit really well. I was concerned that the arms were going to be really tight but they weren’t for a change, the length was also perfect too. I have a long body and everything is usually overstretched and for a change this wasn’t so I can reach up and move about without the worry of discomfort *insert happy dance emoji here*.

Since being kindly gifted this bodysuit I have added to my collection of bright and colourful items. A selection of the items include; a Blue polka dot dress, a few slogan tees and a bright Red dress too. Maybe I’ve finally broken my mental obsession with Black clothing? Who knows, at least for now I’m a little bit proud of myself and my ever-changing wardrobe (and ever-growing too). My confidence is finally growing and I’m putting it down to feeling amazing in something new and putting a smile on my face.

Adding colours, textures & prints with Eimi-online boutique

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Please make sure to check out: Eimi-online boutiqe’s website they have lots of lovely items on there. If you use code: SAFFYDIXON15 you can get 15% off too!

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Thank you Eimi-Online boutique for kindly gifting me this product, if you have any questions about this please read my disclaimer.

All photos in this post were courtesy of Thom Law Photography

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Adding colours, textures & prints to my wardrobe with Eimi-online boutique


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