My secret to a relaxing and body nourishing bath

As many of you already know I am a keen gym enthusiast and like to keep as fit and healthy as I can, and if you didn’t already know then now you do! You can follow me on Insta to keep up to date with me on a daily basis here. Like I said I tend to spend quite a lot of time putting my body to the test and therefore relaxation of the muscles in form of a bath (my favourite) is the perfect way for me to feel utterly relaxed.

Queen of Sheba Relaxing Bath Salts

What’s it all about?

So when I was kindly gifted the Queen of Sheba Relaxing Bath Salts by Simply Soaps I knew I was in for a treat! I got to work right away setting up candles, fairy lights, a hot drink and well you name it. Then I hopped right in (not literally I’m too accident prone for that) to my expertly created setting if I do say so myself… It was then time for the final touch of adding the Queen of Sheba Bath Salts. You can read about the Soothing Lavender Soap I was also kindly gifted by Simply Soaps here too.

The Bath Salts themselves are quite fine Salt in size which allows them to dissolve and enrich any bath in a matter of seconds, without leaving a grainy feel on the bottom of your bath. Bathing in sand isn’t the feel I tend to go for, if you know what I mean? Not only does Queen of She Bath Salts contain Dead Sea Salt but it also contains Organic Goat’s milk powder and Rose geranium essential oil which only adds to the luxury of the product, these are the key ingredients (in my eyes) that leave your skin feeling ultra nourished.

Queen of Sheba Relaxing Bath Salts

A little bit about the ingredients (I’ll try not to waffle)

I was a little curious about Dead Sea Salts and what their benefits were, was I just thinking that a bath containing these would be relaxing and just getting the placebo effect or do they really work? So I did a little research on the benefits of Dead Sea Salt on your body and this is a brief summary of what I found out. Dead Sea Salt contains many minerals that help our bodies reduce soreness and stiffness (hellooooo post workout saviour) detoxifies the body and even helps with water retention and reducing puffy skin! As well as other need-to-mention benefits such as a skin exfoliant, acne buster, itchy skin soother and much much more.

Whilst writing this post I’ve been tempting myself to run a bath but it’s before 11am and in all honestly my day hasn’t been stressful enough to warrant throwing my plans out of the window and hopping in the bath… I don’t know about you but that bath does sound good and veryyyyy tempting. So how and where can I buy the Queen of Sheba Relaxing Bath Salts? Good question, you can purchase this product for just £3.95 from Simply Soaps for 100g, a little bit of this product goes a long way so you needn’t use much either to feel well and truly treated.

Queen of Sheba Relaxing Bath Salts

Fun Fact: In case you were wondering the Bath Salts are named after the Queen of Sheba because the Queen of Sheba and Cleopatra allegedly used a combination of the products used in the Queen of Sheba Bath Balts to enhance their good looks… Who knows if it’s really true, but if it’s good enough for a queen then it’s good enough for me too!

What are you waiting for? Get yours here.

Thank you for reading,

Love Saff x

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