Unboxing love Drop – Feb/ March edition – Re-discover date nights <3

Who this? New box, new month & a fresh new look

Love Drop is back with date nights that are actually delivered directly to your door and with a new look this time… Gone is the old Brown box which has been replaced with a more appealing Pink & Black design, a colour combination I love.

Unboxing love Drop - Feb/ March edition - Re-discover date nights

In case you missed my last Love Drop unboxing can catch up here. Love Drop is a bi-monthly subscription box designed to help couples ‘make time for us’ and keep their spark a-flame. This is Love Drop’s second box and I was lucky enough to have been gifted both boxes with contents exceeding £70 in value for just £45 (per box).

What’s inside?

(Sorry again if you’re reading this dad)

Similarly to the last box the contents include a selection of the following, however all boxes are different and this new box contains a very different selection to the previous one, it’s all about keeping date nights fresh right?

  • Sex toys
  • Date night gifts: Can be anything from candles, bath bombs and massage oils
  • Activities: New ideas and games for your imagination
  • Samples: Chocolate, a voucher or something cheeky… it’s a surprise.

Unboxing love Drop - Feb/ March edition - Re-discover date nights

Peek inside my February & March Love Drop box

‘What’s in your Love Drop box’ & ‘Dates & Challenges’ this is an A4 booklet describing the contents of your box and fun date night challenges, a position of the month, date night ideas and an interesting sexual fact… I learnt something interesting about kissing this month!

Lelo Personal Moisturiser 75ml RRP £12.99(AKA Lube)

Two Skins condoms in ‘Natural’ & ‘Ultra Thin’

‘Reasons why I love you’ Tag Book by Kutuu RRP £9 – This is an adorable book with different designed cards, a pencil, binding ribbon and wooden front. I can’t wait to fill this in with Andy although he will say it’s ‘soppy‘. It’s such great quality and something a little bit different.

Love Drop Prompt Cards by Love Drop RRP £9.95 – I really enjoyed these last time so I’m glad I have some more in this box, the cards have such a variety of prompts which makes them all the more interesting.

Unboxing love Drop - Feb/ March edition - Re-discover date nights

Hera Cock Ring by Perlesque RRP £25 – Something for the Men, I’m not sure I need to elaborate too much on this one, you get the idea…

Clio Love Balls by Perlesque RRP £20 – Need help improving and strengthening your pelvic floor? Then these may be the answer for you, I didn’t know what these were at first glance but they certainly aren’t what I thought.

Mylk Choc & Pink Himalayan Salt by Raw Halo RRP £2.79 – There are no words to describe how difficult it has been to NOT devour this bar before photographing it. Honestly I am SO excited so try this bar, it sounds divineeeeee… That being said I may wait until the Easter choccy is gone so I can really enjoy this bar as a treat. This one’s not for sharing, sorry Andy this treat is all mineeeeeee.

Unboxing love Drop - Feb/ March edition - Re-discover date nights

My Verdict on Love Drop’s February & March box

Again I’m really impressed with Love Drop’s choice of products in this box, I also really love the updated design. I thought it would be difficult to top their last box as it was SO different to anything I’d ever seen before but I think they’ve really done it.

The quality of the products are great and are things that I’d actually use, they aren’t ‘too scary’ and as I’m not someone who’s very vocal about my sex life I feel more than comfortable talking about these products. Talking about date nights in a sexual way is more of a ‘taboo‘ subject than it should be as realistically anyone in a relationship is bound to get up to all sorts of weird and wonderful things behind closed doors, so why not spice things up a little but purchasing a ‘date night subscription box’?

Unboxing love Drop - Feb/ March edition - Re-discover date nights

Ben & Alex have really grabbed the Bull by its horns and pulled out all the stops when making date nights a priority and is the first company to make a subscription box of this sort (from what I know). I feel ever so lucky to be able to write and share with you what’s inside Love drop’s box again because being in a long-term relationship I understand and fully support why it is important to keep our lives inside the bedroom as interesting as possible…

Finally I love that (sorry for the excessive use of the word ‘love’ in this post) there is a variety of different brands in this box and that Love Drop are exploring the use of different brands, products and ideas. Whilst sticking to their brand with their ‘Date Night cards’ and easily recognisable branding, I feel that going forward Love Drop will be up there with the bigger and more popular subscription boxes as healthy relationships are worth investing in!

You can buy your Love Drop subscription box here and don’t forget to use MARCH18 for £5 off your first box <3

Thanks for reading,

Love Saff x




  1. Billie
    April 3, 2018 / 9:10 am

    Love this box! Such a great treat!

    • saffydixon
      April 13, 2018 / 8:30 pm

      It’s great isn’t it, and so worth the money too!

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