14 Tips using Pinterest to increase your blog traffic to try right now

Today I’m sharing my top tips on how I increased my blog traffic, I have been able to go from just over 149 viewers to 18,029 in 30 days! Until recently I didn’t think Pinterest could help boost traffic to my blog, as I thought it was just a place for pretty pictures, saving my favourite hairstyles and inspo… but boy was I wrong. I’d been using Pinterest completely wrong. By doing a little research, experimenting and putting some extra time in I’ve been able to significantly boost my traffic from Pinterest to my blog (where you are now). In this post I’m going to share with you my favourite tips when using Pinterest, I have not paid for any ads or tools in order to grow my reach, it has all been done for free using the advice and tips I’m about to share. Please keep reading if you want to find out more. There will also be a how I used Tailwind for free post to follow this one.

Change to business profile

If you want to see how well your pins are performing I highly recommend changing to a business account. You can do this by clicking: Settings, change to business account (there should be a button) and then fill in; your business name, website, type of business etc as prompted. I’ve recently done this and have really benefited as it allows you to see which pins are performing the best and how pinners are engaging with your pins. It shows double clicks, website views from pins and saves as well as showing you your monthly viewers and much more.

Apply for Rich Pins

Rich pins are pins that show more detail than ‘standard pins‘ they do this by showing the date, publisher and excerpt from the post. This is great because it pulls the description from the posts meta tag and uses that for the excerpt so the reader knows what the post is about. The main reason this is so useful is because if someone re-pins your pin but doesn’t put a description on there it will automatically have one and the description will automatically update whenever you update your post/ meta description.

How I used Pinterest to increase my blog traffic for free

This is an example of how a rich pin from www.saffydixon.com shows up on Pinterest (minus the image)

Claim your website

If you want other pinners to know that you’re a trustworthy site then this is probably one of the best places to start. Verifying your website helps pinners know that you are not ‘dodgy‘ and that’s alwaaaays a good thing. It’s super easy to do and means that once you’ve claimed your website your logo will appear next to pins from your site. Claiming your website will also allow you to see your website analytics and what people are pinning from your site too. You can do this by going to; settings, claim website and following the instructions.

Set your profile picture as you or your brand logo

This tip links in with claiming your website as this logo will appear next to pins from your site. It’s good to have a logo or profile picture as a friendly face as this is a lot more welcoming and trustworthy than a generic picture. You wouldn’t accept someone’s friend request on Facebook if they had no profile picture would you?

Only pin high quality pins

Now this may seem like an obvious tip but if you came across someones profile and were looking through their pins and they had bad quality images or led to spammy websites then you wouldn’t want to follow them would you? I know I wouldn’t. Try to re-pin pins with high numbers of pins as Pinterest prefers this to pins with low re-pins in the same way that Insta favours posts that are liked and commented more on… (sorry for using the I word guys). I would also advise to go through your pins every once in a while and if you have pins which have had no engagement or no re-pins in the last 10 days to delete them as they are not driving traffic to your boards or profile.

Create an awesome bio

I think a great bio is really important. You want Pinners to read it and instantly know what you’re profile is about. My favourite bio’s are ones that have the following format I.e In my case my location, my blog/ business name, what I do and something a little bit extra to describe myself. Why not have a play around for yourself?

How I used Pinterest to increase my blog traffic for free

This is what my bio looks like on Pinterest

Join Pinterest boards for your niche(s)

Pinterest boards are great if you can join good ones as they help more and more people see your pins and therefore posts. If you can find a good board with regular pinners then this should really help increase your traffic. I’ve found the best boards are ones where you have to request to join and have rules I.e. ‘for every pin you post re-pin someone elses‘ this helps to get your pin out there and therefore get more traffic as Pinterest will think it is more popular. I’m a member of a few beauty related boards and I’ve found that some are better than others when it comes to repinning and pinning, If you don’t like a board all you have to do is leave, easy peasy!

Add Alt tags to ALL of your images

Again I’m coming back to calling Pinterest a search engine, but the more you think of Pinterest as one the more you’ll realise that it is and it works exactly like one. This being the case make sure to edit the Alt tag of your images on your blog post so that once they have been pinned they can be easily found.

Create pinnable images

When it comes to creating ‘pinnable‘ images what needs to be considered is the length of the image, the longer it is the more likely it is to be viewed… it stays on someone’s feed for longer and instantly stands out. Brighter colours and images are better because these stand out more and make sure your images have titles that grab the reader. I.e. ‘How to make curly hair not frizzy‘ doesn’t sound like an enticing title whereas ‘7 Hacks you need to try for curly hair‘ instantly makes the reader want to click on your image to find out how they can help their curly hair. If you’re worried about how these ‘pinnable images‘ will appear on your blog post fear not! You can easily hide them by inserting this code: <div style=”display: none;”> (before) </div> (after) image HTML into and voila these images will only show up when someone wants to pin your post, you can try this for yourself on this post if you want…Oh and btw I use Canva to create my ‘pinnable images’

(before image HTML)

Organise your boards

When someone visits your board you want them to see your ‘best‘ boards so making sure these are at the top of your page is the easiest way to get people to see them. I’d also recommend making any boards secret that don’t fit in with your ‘brand‘ as people don’t want to come to a beauty bloggers board to read about favourite books or how to DIY your own blanket… if you know what I mean?

Fill in your board descriptions

This is a small thing that you can do to help your boards be found easily, think of Pinterest as a giant search engine for recipes and much much more. If you’re searching for something I.e. a website and it has no description you will (almost) never come across it. So if you want your boards (and pins) to be found then filling in the description really helps Pinterest know what it’s about and be wayyyy more likely to find it when searches are made. Pinterest boards with over 16 or so pins are favoured more than ones with less (please don’t quote me exactly on the number) so try and make sure every board you have has at least this many pins.How I used Pinterest to increase my blog traffic for free

Get the pin it button on your blog

When I say get the ‘pin it button‘ I really mean get the ‘pin it button‘, I don’t mean just make sure you have the Pinterest icon at the bottom of the post so the whole post can be shared. The ‘Pin it button‘ allows a reader to pin any of your images from your blog directly to their Pinterest meaning that there is more chance of pins being created from your post, cool huh? I use the ‘pin it button‘ for WordPress by Phil Derksen which is free if you use the Lite version.

Add the Pinterest widget to your site

Pinterest have created a widget that you can add to your site so your viewers can see what you’re pinning and follow you directly, how cool is that? I used the Profile widget from this link on Pinterest so now my profile and recent pins appear in my sidebar.

Make boards for different topics

I have multiple boards on my Pinterest all for different things, I.e. my blog is about Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle so I have a board for each of these topics. I also have boards for Hair, Apartment Inspiration, Healthy eating and more. I think it’s good to have different boards for different things as it allows you to be more organised and for pinners to follow the content they are interested in.

Last but not least you can follow me and all of my boards on Pinterest by clicking this link. I’m working really hard on my Pinterest at the moment and would really appreciate a follow on there and if you liked this post please re-pin and share it to help other pinners and bloggers too!

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Thanks for reading,

Love Saff x



  1. sharemyyear
    March 15, 2018 / 9:12 am

    Excellent read Saffy, really helpful. I’ll be looking to get some of these tips into play as soon as I can

    • saffydixon
      June 30, 2018 / 10:15 am

      Thank you so much! For some reason I never got a notifcation to say you replied until now, sorry about that!

  2. March 15, 2018 / 9:39 am

    This is so helpful! Usually I am on Pinterest to find quotes or images but I never knew how much traffic it can create.

  3. Masterix Simon
    March 24, 2018 / 10:50 am

    I have used a few of the tools available online for managing my Pins but still, I had to be there online and onsite all the time watching out and frankly, I did not have that much liberty at the time. So I decided to look for the permanent fix and checked at PinPinterest [com] and believe you me, I have not worried a bit about my schedules and pins after that as it does the work for me by crawling in my webpage and automatically detecting the content to be pinned thereby adding more followers to my page.
    It allows me to add as many Pinterest account as I want. So I can manage any number of acocunts and transfer days between them. Another amazing feature of this web service is that it is totally running on the cloud and even accessible through my mobile phone and that is exactly what makes it so quick and easy to access and use…

  4. August 5, 2018 / 3:49 pm

    Oh my goodness, there are SO MANY good tips in this post! Definitely saving it for future reference!

    • saffydixon
      August 12, 2018 / 4:29 pm

      Aw thanks so much, I’m glad you’ve found it useful! x

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