The cruelty free make up brushes you need in your make up bag – So Eco

The cruelty free make up brushes you need in your make up bag - so eco

So like any other make up lover I have a collection of make up brushes and tools from various different brands, none of which match but they do the job. I was kindly gifted some brushes by So Eco, who you may have heard of already and if not I’m about to educate you a little.

When I pop into Sainsburys I often see So Eco brushes on display in the beauty section and until now have wondered what they are like. I don’t usually buy make up brushes from supermarkets because I never think they would be very good quality.

The packaging

Now I know this is the boring bit and no one really wants to read about packaging but let’s just get it over with so we can get down to business. One thing I like about So Eco is that their packaging is entirely eco friendly, compostable and therefore fully recyclable too. Even the ink used on the packaging comes from vegetables… if you’d like to read more about this you can do here.

The cruelty free make up brushes you need in your make up bag - so eco

The brushes themselves

Soooo on to the main event and the bit you came here for! I was lucky enough to receive two brushes from So Eco; the Angled Eyeliner Brush and the Eye Shading Brush. Both brushes have a similar design which I like, because I think when a design is consistent it is then easy to recognise a brand or product.

The brush ends (the bit between the bristles and handle) sorry I don’t know the technical name are Rose Gold in colour, my favouriteeeee. These brushes must have been designed for me in secret… and the handles are made with bamboo which is an ecologically sustainable material (yay). The bristles of the brushes are extremely soft and cruelty free too.

I really love that some real thought has gone into not only the visual design of these brushes and the environment but that the handles are very user friendly. They’ve been designed with a special grip that reminds me of being at school and using the special triangle shaped pens with the indented hand grips for extra precision. I found that when using these brushes I was much more able to control where I was applying my make up than like when using other brushes with no grip.

The cruelty free make up brushes you need in your make up bag - so eco

So Eco Angled Eyeliner Brush

Now this is where I like to bend the make up rules a little, the brush itself is designed for applying eyeliner but being as I don’t wear eyeliner often it would be unrealistic of me to tell you how it works for applying eyeliner as I’m rubbish at applying it. However I have used the brush to do my brows and apply my favourite Dip Brow products. I found this brush really easy to use as the grip meant I had full control over the brush when using it. The bristles on the brush were very soft but firm enough to allow me to precisely apply product. The So Eco brush is slightly larger than the brush I usually use to do my brows but that is probably because I am not using it as intended, you can read about how I do my brows here.

So Eco Eye Shading Brush

Again I’m pretty useless when it comes to applying eye make up, it’s something I keep telling myself I need to learn but none the less I thought I’d put this brush to the test with my limited skills… I found this brush really soft and gentle on the skin and it picked up product nicely. The bristles, like the So Eco eyeliner brush are firm but had some flexibility so allowed me to put the eyeshadow exactly where I wanted it to go.

The cruelty free make up brushes you need in your make up bag - so eco

My Verdict

Overall I’m really impressed with the two brushes I received from So Eco, especially considering they are so affordable, eco friendly and available from supermarkets. I love them so much that I’m looking to buy some more to add to my collection so I have enough brushes to use for the right things. Instead of using a blush brush for setting my make up or an eyeliner brush for brows… I was worried that the bristles would feel really cheap and synthetic like other brushes I have used in the past but they really don’t as they are unbelievably soft!

 Finallyyyyy these brushes are available to purchase from many different retailers in store and online, I’ve added some shoppable links below. The Eye Shading brush retails at £5.95 RRP and the Angled Eyeliner Brush retails at £5 RRP, all products prices are subject to change depending on where you choose to buy them. You can also buy these in multipacks and gift sets which I feel like you get more for your money.

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the cruelty free make up brushes you need in your make up bag

Love Saff x

So Eco Angled Eyeliner BrushSo Eco Eye Shading Brush

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