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Today’s blog post is all about Brows (YAY) and in particular Brow Gel. To be honest I think brow gel is a very underrated product. Now I don’t know about you but I’m not a fan of looking in the mirror or seeing a picture someone has taken of me and my brows looking seriously untamed and all over the place… This usually happens shortly after getting dressed or just rubbing my face.

I’ve tried numerous different brow gels in the past, some were good and some were down right awful and have no ‘sticking power’ whatsoever. Up until recently I was using a Bobbi Brown brow gel which I absolutely loved but it was running out and I’d had it so long that I probably should have thrown it out, expiry dates? pah who needs those? I’m joking there’s a reason they are on products so don’t ignore them. When I was kindly gifted this one from Billion Dollar Brows I was excited to try it because I reallyyy needed a new brow gel. I loved the Billion dollar Brows Micro Brow Pencil sooooo much that I was feeling pretty hopeful about this product too.

billion dollar brows brow gel review

What did I think of it?

Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m brow obsessed, I literally can’t go anywhere unless at least my brows are tamed as I’m not a fan of the wacky brows look. I mean who is anyway? The plaited brow trend and wiggly brows just aren’t something I want to achieve by accident or on purpose and to be honest I do wonder who comes up with these kind of ideas… anywaaaay back to BDB Brow Gel, the point I’m trying to make here is that WOW it does hold your brows in place. I was actually really impressed at how much ‘sticking power’ this gel has and how much more tame my brows were after using it.

The formula itself is clear and when it dries my brows go kinda hard or I guess you could say crispy – I’m probably not describing this very well at all (apologies). I really like brush because the spoolie is fairly large so when it comes out it of the tube it doesn’t have too much product and it’s really easy to comb over your brows, voilaaaa beautiful brows in no time!

billion dollar brows brow gel

This Brow Gel is a little more than I like to pay at £17 for a gel. However because I really like the formula and the packaging/ applicator because you don’t use much product per application I think It would last a really long time. The last product I had like this lasted me nearly two years and has only just got to the end so I see no reason why this one wouldn’t last either.

Billion Dollar Brows are yet another company to add to your cruelty free list meaning no furry friends were hurt in the making of this or any of their other products.

Where can I buy Billion Dollar Brows Brow Gel?

Now you know what I think of the product and hopefully you’re sold, the next step is where you can buy it, I’ve found that you can get this from various different places including; Look Fantastic, Billion Dollar Brows website, eBay, Amazon & more. Please note that the purchase price changes depending on where you choose to buy the product. The price I have listed is how much it costs to buy from Billion Dollar Brows directly.

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