Valentines special – KISS lash couture Faux Mink Collection review

Hello and Happy Valentine’s or late Galentine’s if you’re not a fan!

Today I wanted to talk to you about KISS lash couture Faux Mink collection lashes. They were recently released by KISS and I was extremely lucky to be gifted them to share with you in the lead up to Valentine’s and the day itself.KISS promises; lets see if they deliver

Knot-free lash band

Weightless volume & curl

Soft & seamless

KISS COUTURE LASHESI don’t often wear lashes because if I’m being honest I just haven’t worn them enough in the past to get used to applying them correctly… I guess you could say I’m a bit of a falsies phobe! However I do love the effect that false lashes can add to a look. Whether you go for the ‘barely there’ style to enhance your natural lashes or the a bit more ‘out there’ style that these would fall under.

When my lashes arrived I couldn’t believe just how beautiful they were and how voluminous too, I genuinely wondered how I was going to get them to fit my eyes (until I was told that you’re meant to trim them down). One thing to note that is in this set you do not receive lash adhesive so make sure you have some to hand otherwise you may have a little bit of a shock when you come to apply them.

KISS COUTURE LASHESAs mentioned earlier when it comes to applying lashes I’m pretty awful, the first attempt I completely failed at because I just couldn’t work out if my eyes were ‘too small’ or if i just wasnt doing something right. After trimming down the lashes to fit my eyes I found that they looked SO much better, it’s laughable really when you think about it… What I found quite difficult is that the strip of the lashes isn’t very rigid or curved so getting them to stick on my eyes was quite difficult but I learnt that if you use a hair grip and (carefully) bend the lashes round they form more of a ‘U’ shape and are so much easier to apply and go on first time (SUCCESS). I apologise if any of this sounds very basic and obvious I’d just rather share what has helped me than anyone else struggle too.

The KISS lash adhesive that I was also gifted was perfect because it was Black and therefore unnoticeable on the eye. It was also very sticky so my lashes stayed on for a very long time, no one likes it when they see photos of themselves the next day with half their lashes on am I right?

KISS COUTURE LASHESAnother great thing about the KISS Faux Minx lashes is that you can reuse them (up to 10x) if you’re careful and remove the glue after each use, which is such great value for £7.99. These lashes are cruelty free and are definitely a brand to add to the list, with their Faux Mink fibres. Although the fibres are synthetic they are super soft and I personally don’t think they look artificial at all (apart from the size of the lashes).

Soooo considering all of the above, did KISS Faux Mink lashes deliver? As someone who is rubbish at applying lashes I’m really pleased with them. The lashes themselves were great quality and weren’t uncomfortable to wear or heavy like some lashes I’ve worn previously. Plus they are reusable too so great value for money! I personally couldn’t wear these on a daily basis because they are very full, however they are the perfect set of lashes for any night out or occasion so I’d definitely reccomend them.

You can shop the post by clicking on the images below!

Kiss Strip Lash Aloe GlueLash Couture Faux Mink Collection

Thank you for reading,

Love Saff x

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    • saffydixon
      February 21, 2018 / 4:48 pm

      I was really worried that they would be but they really aren’t heavy at all! Thank you for reading x

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