Secret Scent Box what’s in it for you?

There are SO many subscription boxes to choose from now, It’s actually pretty difficult to decide which one to go for. When Secret Scent Box approached me asking if I wanted to try one of their boxes for FREE I was wondering, what’s so different about this box? It’s silly because it’s an easy answer, It’s full of scents only!

What’s in it for me?

Included in every Secret Scent Box is three designer fragrances and three description cards, telling you a little about each fragrance. This is a monthly subscription box delivered straight to your door. You get enough fragrance to last up to 30 days, if used as recommended (4 sprays per fragrance per day).

You could also send this as a gift to a friend or loved one as then they have the chance to discover a new fragrance!

How much does Secret Scent Box Cost & work?

It’s as easy as 1,2 & 3

  1. Choose your plan – 1 month (£15), 6 month’s (£14) & 12 month’s (£13) – Please see their website for payment T&C’s
  2. Receive your Secret Scent Box – Great news they are letter box friendly too!
  3. Discover new fragrances (3x3ml fragrances every month)

You can cancel your subscription at any time and there is FREE delivery on all UK & Europe orders.

Is it just for females?

No, this box is suitable for both males and females. You can select whether you’re male or female and then you will be sent a box tailored to your gender. This is definitely a box both genders can get behind, especially in an industry where subscription boxes are aimed mainly at females.

February edition for Her & Overall thoughts

I received DAVIDOFF – COOL WATER WOMEN, this is a fragrance I’d neither heard of or tried. It has quite a fruity smell which I like with hints of Jasmine, Pineapple & Blackcurrant. I would have never have tried this scent if I hadn’t been kindly gifted this box.

I also got GUCCI – BLOOM, I wish I could afford a full size bottle of Gucci but unfortunately my budget wont allow and I have so many unfinished bottles of perfume to use up first. Anywayyyy back to this one, It’s very floral and is definitely one to get me ready for Spring (when it eventually arrives). It has notes of Jasmine and I find it quite a comforting smell.

The third and final fragrance I received was FCUK – FCUK3 FOR HER. This fragrance combines both fruity and floral elements to create the kind of fragrance you can wear in the day time. It is quite a ‘young’ fragrance with hints of Vanilla, Orange & berries.

I’m currently writing this smelling of a combination of the three scents which is a little unusual… maybe I should wash my hands before I go out!

I really like the idea of this subscription box and that you don’t know what you will receive (hence the secret). I like that the fragrances are high end and ones I wouldn’t try without this box, I tend to stick to the same types of smells because it’s easier. So if you’re someone like me who wants to try new things but just never does then this may be the subscription box for you.

The big question is: would I subscribe to this box, if I had more money yes 100%. However I have SO many fragrances and would like to use this as a way to find the perfect scent for me so it currently wouldn’t be worth my while. However if you like to try new fragrances but don’t want to commit to a full size bottle, would prefer a fragrance subscription box to a beuaty subscription box. Or you like to have your fragrance on the go then this may be perfect for you.

If you sign up to the Secret Scent Box newsletter now you can also receive 10% off your first month!

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I’d love to know your thoughts please comment below & subscribe for more like this,

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  1. February 20, 2018 / 3:10 pm

    This sounds right up my street!! I love perfumes this post is perfect for me! Gorgeously written!

    • saffydixon
      February 21, 2018 / 4:47 pm

      Yay, Thank you so much for reading I’m glad this is something you will like 🙂 x

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