Tan out of Ten – The review

Me and Tan in the past have never been friends, which is why for the majority of the last 22 years I’ve been walking around veryyyyy pale… The first time I had a spray tan was a disaster, I went Orange, 

patchy, stripey and had to scrub in lemons to try to remove the colour (no joke) it was awful and was done by a professional. I’d love to say that every other attempt at tanning after this was successful but I’d be lying, so when Technic & Tan out of Ten 

needed someone to try their range I thought I’d give it a go… after all I haven’t had any good experiences. I have sensitive skin and I’m about as pale as a ghost so I had nothing to lose.

Tan out of ten review

I was very lucky to be gifted a selection of Instant Tan in Shimmer and Self Tan Lotion in Dark and yep the word dark kinda scared me a little, keep reading to find out what I thought.

Self Tan Lotion: Dark

As a result of having a bad relationship with tan in the past I expected a disaster, I’m not a regular tanner so I don’t even own a mitt, I know it’s shameful! I decided if worst comes to worst I’d end up going to work the next day looking a little Orange but hey it’s Winter and everyone needs a little bit of colour right?

To prepare myself for the situation I shaved my legs, exfoliated and moisturised because no-one wants to be a hairy patchy human… (this was done 24 hours before applying the tan). I then grabbed my gloves and applied the tan to my body, I was pretty impressed as I was 95% covered from just one sachet yay! The reason I tried to cover my whole body is because I wanted to know just how far the little golden packet would go. After allowing my skin to dry for a little while I then popped on some loose clothing, made sure I had an old sheet on the bed (just in case) and off to sleep I went. When I woke up for work in the morning I rinsed myself down to find that I had in fact changed colour (apart from that 5%).

I was surprised at how well the tan developed and the number compliments I received at work the next day! Just in case you were wondering how dark this colour was I have inserted photos below for reference *hint* I wasn’t scary Orange… I had hardly any patchy bits and the bits that were patchy were due to running out of tan or poor application. The colour lasted on my skin nicely for about 5 days and at about 7 was going pretty patchy! Oh and this one doesn’t smell too biscuity either, it smells sweet but I’m not sure quite how to describe it, it’s not an off putting smell though!

Tan out of ten review

After using Self Tan Lotion: Dark

Instant Tan: Shimmer

I used this Tan about 24 hours after prepping my skin, feeling a little more optimistic now I’d tried the self tan lotion and having moisturised earlier on in the day. The formula was a shimmery gel-like consistency and I applied it (again) with rubber gloves and left it to dry for a couple of minutes.

I was left with pretty even slightly more tanned legs with a slight shimmer which gave the illusion of a more sun-kissed look. The smell is another thing that puts me off tanning but I can happily report that this one has a sweet smell and not one of biscuits. To Remove the tan all you need to do is use soap and water and it comes off straight away, nice and easy!

Tan out of ten review

Instant Tan: Shimmer before and after

My Verdict 

I think price wise the Self Tan Lotion is very reasonable at £8.99 for 250ml at Fragrance Direct for example, if you were to use 15ml (the amount in the sachets I recieved) you would get up to 16 uses at around 56p per use, which seems pretty good to me! 

 Similarly £3.59 for 125ml of the Instant Tan is reasonably priced to me personally. Although this is a smaller bottle this is a product I would be more likely to use just on my legs if I was going on a night out so this sized bottle would travel pretty far.

For someone who rarely uses Self Tan of any form I was very impressed with the quality of the products, especially as all of my previous experiences were not very good. I can happily say that I’d repurchase both of the above products because they are affordable, they work a described and they don’t go patchy or irritate my sensitive skin.Tan out of ten review

So where can I buy this wonderful stuff? That’s your next question right? Good news for you I have listed the retailers below:

  • Xtras
  • Amazon
  • Boohoo
  • Fragrance Direct
  • Glitterstore

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