dermologica daily superfoliant review

I have wanted to try dermalogica products since the age of sixteen, when I worked in a salon. dermalogica was the skin care brand we stocked, however working as an apprentice I was unable to afford the products until now (at long lasttt).

Recently I was extremely lucky to be gifted the daily superfoliant by Influenster and dermalogica (amongst other products too). The excitement I had to wash my face was SO much that it almost sounds silly, so I’ve written this post to share my thoughts.dermalogica daily superfoliant

What is it?

I was wondering myself when I got the product as it appears to be a very fine ‘powder’ consistency, almost like black sand but finer. It’s an exfoliant that is meant to help smooth the skin and help act against pollution by deeply cleansing your pores. This product is enriched with Charcoal, Red Algae and Tara Fruit Extract to help fight against the damaging effects of pollution and prevent premature skin ageing.

How do I use it?

After cleansing your skin, you wet your hands and rub in about half a teaspoon of the daily superfoliant. It should make a grey gritty formula, mine was a little foamy too when applied to my face. Be careful because it comes out really fast and you could end up with it going EVERYWHERE… not so good and a bit of a waste if you ask me! Anywayyyy the best bit, you rub the formula all over your face (except eyes and lips) in circles for one minute. This helps to get really deep into your pores and give that squeaky clean feeling. Finally rinse with warm water and pat dry, ta daaaaa as easy as that!

dermalogica daily superfoliant

How often can I use it?

Normal skin: Every day

Sensitive skin: It’s recommended you use it every other day.

I personally like to exfoliate once a week or I find my skin gets very oily and a bit dry in places too.


  • A little goes a long way
  • It smells amazing (super fruity)
  • Skin is cleaner & smoother
  • Pores are clearer
  • Quick & easy to use
  • Fine formula (not too gritty)


  • Messy, I have already poured this over myself whilst writing this post
  • Costly, not one for those with a small budget at £55 for 57g

dermalogica daily superfoliant

My Verdict

 After the first use my skin felt smoother and cleaner. I have used so many cleansers and exfoliators in the past and never has my skin felt so clean…

The fine formula was able to get deep into my pores. For example I tend to get a lot of blackheads on my nose and this really helped my skin as it could get in deep and really cleaned my pores. I’m really impressed with the cleaning capability of the daily superfoliant and that it smells amaaaaazing too, I just wish that it didn’t come with a large price tag. However, for the results I wouldn’t mind paying £55 per bottle as I wouldn’t use it every day so it would last me a long long time.

I love that this product can be used multiple times per week unlike other exfoliators. My skin is quite sensitive so I’m going to stick to once a week for now as that does the trick. This can be quite messy as it’s not a liquid (I managed to get it on my laptop whilst writing this) so make sure to use it in a bathroom.

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