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Have you ever thought that clearing out your wardrobe was the perfect thing to do, like you couldn’t think of anything better at all? Nope, doing my washing, planning gifts or deciding where to go on holiday wasn’t important at all. I needed to sort my wardrobe out and that was final.

Anyone who knows me well knows that I’m a clothes hoarder, my poor single wardrobe and set of drawers could hardly contain the clothes that were almost bursting out (literally)… What better time was there to clear out now the seasons are changing, and my best friend was over to help me decide what to bin, charity shop or sell on?

The clear out took a while and after I felt cleansed and much better, apart from the GIANT pile of clothes in the discard pile that I needed to find a new home. This was where I turned to eBay ‘What it’s Worth’ to help me price up those items that were too good to charity shop but didn’t suit me.ebay explore

When it comes to pricing items to sell online I’m pretty useless at getting the price right. I either overprice them and they never sell or under price it and whoever buys it is laughing as they have practically made money. I wanted to find the best price to sell a ‘New Look Cami’. The ‘What it’s Worth’ feature looked at how much this product sold for in ‘New’ and ‘Used’ before providing me with an accurate figure. New sold at £4-6 and used £3-5, you could see that price varied on the condition, as expected.

You can also scroll down the page to see items that have sold under your search terms, this is particularly useful if you have a specific item that you want a price for rather than an average price. The ‘What’s it Worth’ feature allows you to search within the last 30, 60 and 90 days to get a more accurate price.

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Not only does this feature work on clothes but on many many things such as shoes, jewellery, CD’s, beauty products and much much more… We are now getting to that time of year (Christmas) where if you’re lucky you only receive every gift once, but if you aren’t so lucky you can end up with copies of the same thing. If you aren’t a fan of ‘re-gifting’ or telling that person that you already have the item (because that can be embarrassing), then this feature may be an easy way to solve that problem. I’ve never had this happen to me before but know lots of people who have…

Why not follow the link to get started yourself? You can make some extra money just in time for Christmas or just get rid of unwanted items, this is such an easy way to do so!

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