Reviewing Ben & Anna’s natural soda Grapefruit Deodorant

Have you ever been wandering around wondering why a sweet fruity smell is following you? Well I hadn’t either until I tried Ben & Anna’s Pink Grapefruit natural soda deodorant.

When I heard about the Natural scented deodorants that were on offer created by Ben and Anna I wasn’t sure what to make of them. Being a sporty person who loves to smell good and be protected from odour and wetness I often find it difficult to find a deodorant that does that without drying my skin out.

Finding the perfect deodorant for a busy life

In the past I’ve found that many shop bought deodorants have a drying effect on the skin and don’t always give the promised long-lasting protection. Trust me when I say I’ve tried pretty much everything from women’s to men’s to products that are meant to stop your armpits from sweating (yep I know that’s not healthy, younger me has learnt from her mistakes).

ben and anna's natural soda pink grapefruit deodorant review

When I was given the opportunity to try Ben and Anna’s natural soda deodorant, I thought I would test it out, It’s not like I had anything to lose.

I’d gotten used to smelling fresh in a more ‘manly way‘ shall I say just because Men’s deodorants are SO much better than Women’s. The worst thing that could happen was that I’d end up smelling a little funky with a hint of grapefruit right?

My verdict on the Grapefruit natural soda deodorant

Going back to my earlier point recently I’ve been smelling a little fruity… Initially I wasn’t sure what to make of the product as I hadn’t used a ‘stick‘ application deodorant in a long long time. I’m not someone who likes to reapply ‘stick’ deodrant as I find it unhygienic. However I can happily say that once applied in the morning I didn’t need to reapply, even after sport (yay)!

Overall my armpits were less powdery and dry than when I was using a ‘spray‘ applicator. I think this may be something to do with the formula which uses Shea Butter and Soda. The product itself is not sticky, however one piece of advice is to keep the product in a cool, dry place outside of direct sunlight so it doesn’t melt.

The formula used to make the deodorant also means that I can finally say goodbye to dry (and itchy) armpits because there is no alcohol or chemical stabilizers that cause the skin to dry out.

Ben and Anna’s natural soda deodorant is a ‘stick‘ formula it doesn’t clump or leave ‘bits‘ as residue as I thought it might. A little bit seems to go a long way. I’m not sure how long this will last me, however if it keeps my skin happy and smelling fresh then it’s definitely worth using long-term.

ben and anna's natural soda pink grapefruit deodorant review

Let’s talk about the brand: Ben and Anna

The brand was created by Ben & Anna (the clue is in the name) who have created this product (the natural soda deodorant) and others in the range. Their products are Vegan and aluminium free so don’t forget to add this cruelty free brand to add to your list!

Ben & Anna are real people who are working hard to make it so you can not only purchase their products online but in store too, this is a work in progress and is yet to be achieved, until then you can buy their products by following this link.

Thank you for reading!

Love Saff x

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