A cake that fits through your letterbox can it be? ft. bakerdays

If you love cake as much as me then this may be perfect for you, ever want a cake but not a whole one because you’ll eat it all and feel extremely guilty? If so then look no further for the perfect personalised, tasty and delivered through your door treat.

When I found out that bakerdays wanted people to try their Letterbox Gift Cake service I couldn’t sign up quick enough, I was looking forward to trying something new. bakerdays is a personalised cake, cupcake and balloon company in Nottinghamshire and specialise in baking, printing and personalizing for all occasions.


Choices choices choices

There were sooo many flavours on offer ranging from: traditional sponge, rich chocolate chip, lovely lemon drizzle, dairy free sponge, gluten wheat free sponge and fabulous fruit. If you’re like me and struggle with certain things such as dairy/ wheat or gluten then bakerdays have you covered.

Not only was I spoilt with the choice of flavours, but there were lots of designs to choose from for all occasions. I asked bakerdays to design my cake around my blog because I just couldn’t decide on a design.

My verdict 

I gave bakerdays free reign over the design of the cake because who doesn’t love it when surprises turn up through their door? I couldn’t wait for my Letterbox Gift Cake to arrive at home and as soon as it did I wanted to dig in, but first I had to take photos because a blog with no photos would be very disappointing and you’d miss the beautiful design.


This photo does not do the quality of the design justice!

My cake arrived on time, unharmed and in a lovely metal tin, customised with the bakerdays logo of course. The transportation of the cake was something I’d been wondering to myself, how is it going to get here? will it arrive in one piece? icing sweats when warm so will it be mushy? I think the air holes in the top of the tin allowed the cake to breathe, perfect! There were also a few cards in the box, one telling me who prepared my cake (thanks Josh), one with bakerdays contact details and one gift card too as well as the usual order confirmation.

Now on to the more exciting bits, I loved the design of my cake and that one of my favourite photos was used! The image quality was so good and almost too lovely to eat… but as I wrote this post I had to eat it, I didn’t want to (I’m joking I loved it).


Being able to eat this cake without a stomach ache was amazing, I’ve tried my fair share of gluten and wheat free cakes and usually end up with a dry mouth and disappointment… this was the BEST gluten and wheat free cake I’ve ever eaten, I even ate the icing too and I don’t like icing. The sponge was very moist and layered with the perfect amount of buttercream and jam. I was so impressed that I didn’t mind that the cake wasn’t chocolate flavoured and can’t believe I said that (because chocolate is my favourite). It was still squishy after being open a few days, this is because the cakes are baked and prepared on the day of shipping!

In case you were wondering how big the Letterbox cake was the dimensions were: 5 inches and approximately 3-5 servings unless you enjoy it as much as I did and can’t stop eating…

Why not head over to www.bakerdays.com and choose the perfect gift for a friend, colleague, loved one or even yourself? It’s a great way to send a personalised gift without breaking the bank!

Competition 07 December 2017 until Jan 1st 2018

To win your own Letterbox Gift Cake then head over to my Instagram for more details and rules, Good Luck.

Thanks for reading,

Love Saff x




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