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If you’re anything like me then gift shopping at this time of year (or any time) can be difficult. You want to strike the balance between good quality items and not breaking the budget, but struggle because you’ve got no idea what gifts to buy… I struggle so much! This is why today I’m talking to you about eBay Explore and how it’s made my gift shopping SO much easier than ever before!

eBay explore trending now

eBay Explore – Giving me a little bit of inspiration from page 1

Buying for a particular family member (I can’t mention names or they would know one of their gifts) is harder than buying for anyone else I know, they buy what they want because they can afford to do that, no waiting for Christmas like when we were young and didn’t have jobs. Plus they have more makeup and beauty products than most shops I visit…

I’ve been trying to plan Christmas presents since mid September to try and spread out the cost, avoid panic and everything I want selling out. Unfortunately it’s December and I’m not quite finished shopping. This is where I turned to eBay explore to tell me what gifts are trending and make getting those odd bits and bobs that little bit easier.

eBay explore perfume

The person I was buying for really likes perfumes, however there are so many perfumes to choose from that I’d have no idea where to start. I simply typed ‘perfume’ into eBay Explore under the ‘Trending Now’ section and was given a choice of several types of perfume to get me started. I selected ‘Women’s Perfumes’ as she is a woman after all. eBay allowed me narrow down my search by selecting: ‘What it’s worth’, ‘The most relevant items available now’, ‘Most bought items in the last 7 days’ and ‘Other relevant items’, this gave me so much choice when I didn’t know where to start.

eBay explore perfume

eBay Explore Best Sellers – Showing you the best selling ‘Ladies Perfumes’

I then narrowed my search to ‘Most relevant items available now’ because I was looking for items to buy there and then and so they needed to be available to buy. I also decided that I wanted to be a little more specific and to only search for perfumes under 30ml and the brand Ghost, because it’s nice to have a smaller sized perfume for on the go or when trying something new. I should know as I have soooo many miniature perfumes at home which are perfect for just this.

eBay explore ghost

Sooo back to shopping… I was looking for Ghost perfume as it smells lovely and is affordable too. eBay was able to find me a Ghost bauble with miniature lipgloss and fragrance, a perfect gift to help decorate the tree for a little treat, at around Β£9-10 per bauble with free delivery however this isn’t exactly what I had in mind! There weren’t many Ghost fragrances so I looked for YSL instead as their perfumes smell amazing and have lovely packaging. So by just tweaking my search to ‘ladies perfumes YSL’ I was able to find ‘YSL Opium’ at around Β£10 and some even came with a free makeup bag too. I decided that the YSL perfume was the one to go with and was able to finish off shopping for in minutes, rather than searching all over the internet, with thanks to eBay Explore now I can spend my time eating Christmas food instead!

eBay explore YSL

Don’t forget that eBay explore can save you so much trouble; you can shop from the comfort of your own home or out and about using most mobile devices, you don’t have to worry about going to a shop and them then not having the item in stock. If you can see it on eBay it’s readily available to buy and it shows you what people are currently buying so you’ll know that it’s a good product and popular too. Many sellers even have free or very cheap delivery as no-one wants to be paying for that.

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