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Have you ever spent hours scrolling the internet, looking through magazines or trying really hard to think about what to buy someone? I certainly know I have! Often at this time of year find it especially hard to buy presents for loved ones and friends… Often thinking what would a 12-year-old boy want for Christmas? (my brother) or where can I find a nice gift set that isn’t too generic? If those are questions you find yourself thinking at this time of year, before birthdays or other occasions then maybe I’ve got the answer for you.

The eBay Explore section saves you the trouble of going through all of this whilst showing you what’s currently trending in the ‘Trending Now’ section, to save you guessing what people are searching for. For example you may have a friend who is a bit too into their home decor or maybe a little obsessed with candles… eBay helps you find a gift for them by showing you a Yankee Candle gift set of 3 that you can buy for between £13 – £18! Now I know you’re probably thinking, how does eBay know your friend may like that? Let’s keep this simple, the answer is: data. Over the last 6 weeks over 37,395 people have searched for similar or the same items meaning that they are pretty popular. If that’s not quite what you were looking for eBay also shows you alternative items below too.

yankee candle ebay

Okay so I may have solved your candle obsessed friend’s problem, by using the first section of eBay Explore (Trending Now) but why not use the Explore search function to see if we can decide what to buy ‘my brother’ for example. The function is pretty handy and works in a similar way to search engines in the way that you can begin to type something and it will bring up suggestions and alternatives, in this case I’m searching ‘gifts for brother’. Unfortunately there are no items in the ‘Trending Now’ section so let’s take a look at ‘Best Sellers’. Once I’ve clicked search I’m able to narrow down what I’m looking for by selecting; sold or viewed items, within the last 7 days or yesterday and the search category. In this example we’re shopping for my brother who’s 12 and loves clothes, I then select ‘Clothing shoes and accessories’ , where I’m shown a selection of different hats, hoodies and t-shirts as they’re what is currently selling best for brothers according to recent purchases.

ebay explore

My friend and brother are accounted for, however I want to know how much the new make up palette is that my sister has asked me for as a Christmas present. As much as I like to buy special presents I don’t want to overpay for them, this is where eBay gives me a helping hand by looking at how much the product has sold for over the last 90 days; in new and used, in the ‘Make up and products’ category. For example I searched for the Urban Decay Heat palette by typing ‘Urban decay heat’ and find out that this item has sold for between £17 – £28 in the UK. Again like the other categories in the Explore section you are able to refine your search by category, new or used and by time period to help you get a more accurate answer.

ebay explore

All of the above three sections allow you to choose which country the items are. Whether you want to know if they are popular, trending or how much they are worth as this can vary depending on where you live. Why not see for yourself what’s on offer by following this link?

Thank you for reading today’s post!

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