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As a local to Topshop Norwich whenever I’m visiting the city I can’t help but have a browse in Topshop. For those of you who didn’t already know Topshop Norwich has recently had a bit of a re-vamp, unlike other larger stores ours didn’t allow you to have the FREE personal shopping experience that ours now has.

I think this is such a great idea as I often find myself aimlessly wandering around the store only picking out and trying on items that I ‘think’ will suit me, only to be disappointed or to never try anything different.

Why I tried the experience

As much as I love fashion and seeing all the amazing items Topshop has to offer I rarely try anything that isn’t Black or plain in pattern. The thing is I don’t actually know what suits me and I don’t want to buy something to get home and discover that I don’t like the item and then need to take it back… which most of the time I’m too lazy to do. So my wardrobe becomes very full and my bank account very empty, and I find myself with ‘no clothes’.topshop norwich

My verdict & the experience itself

What I found great about this experience was that I was asked in advance details of my sizes in; Tops, Bottoms & Shoes and my favourite celebrity style so that the team could pick out items that would be perfect for me. I was then able to choose either a 30 minute appointment or hour appointment (which I ran over because I had SO many items). I booked my appointment on Instagram however I believe you can also book in store too.

When I got to the store I was looked after by Lydia for the whole appointment who was super lovely and attentive. The first thing she did was show me the selection of clothes, bags and accessories that had been chosen for me to try on and look at based on the answers I had given to the earlier questions, my celeb style icon was Selena Gomez because I adore her style. I was offered a refreshment and then we then browsed each section of the store to make sure there weren’t any other items that I wanted to try which of course there were…topshop norwich VIP

I was amazed to see what a difference just adding a different section to the store could make, the VIP area had a mini-fridge for refreshments. A giant mirror, perfect for seeing the look created aaaaaand more importantly taking selfies. Two changing rooms, a chair, clothing rail and a table holding bags and accessories galore! Gone were the old changing rooms, they had been replaced with a very stylish area that gives the store that extra something.

The service I received was both very personal and very professional. For someone who has never met me before Lydia not only made me feel very comfortable and at ease, she also was able to select items for me to try before she even met me, nearly all of which I would have bought if my purse would let me. She knew just what flattered my figure and which colours went well with my hair and skin, I think she was made for the job and even though I ran over time she at no point tried to rush me or made me feel like I needed to leave. Another thing I must add is that I did not feel pressured to purchase anything at any point and that when an item simply didn’t suit she didn’t tell me that it ‘looked great’ I really respect this as if I appreciate that people are at work to do a job however if I don’t feel comfortable then I’m usually one to avoid a store or brand in future.topshop norwich pink

Oh and in case you were wondering I may have ventured home with a new Blush Pink a-line skirt and a bright red blouse, because I neeeeed some colour in my wardrobe especially after my clearout!

Other services available

Did you know Topshop also allow you to pop items on hold? Yep, that’s right. If you’ve got a boyfriend, girlfriend, family member or friend that struggles to find that ‘pair of black jeans’ you wanted then you can simply put items on hold and they can drop into the store and get them for you.

Or alternatively if you’re someone who prefers surprises then you can create a wishlist!

Thank you for reading todays post all about my VIP Personal Shopping Experience at Topshop.

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Love Saff x


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