Let’s Talk Beauty – Debenhams Norwich Beauty Blogger Event!

Today’s post is a quick update on the the most recent blogging event I attended, I was invited a few weeks ago when I went to an Urban Decay evening in Debenhams and was pretty excited (the novelty of events hasn’t worn off yet). I thought it was another event like the one I had already attended in Debenhams but I was so wrong…


First of all I arrived at Debenhams and was introduced to the manager of the beauty department and then was offered Prosecco or a soft drink. I was then directed to sit down with the beauty bloggers who had already arrived where there was the most beautiful selection of chocolates and I thought at this moment ‘yep I can already tell this is going to be a good evening’.

We were given a programme of events and that was when I realised that the event was for all of the beauty brands that Debenhams represent which was pretty amazing. We then had a small introduction and then watched a demonstration of the new Urban Decay Heat Palette, Mascara and Hi-lighter which had me thinking that I definitely need a brush up on my makeup skills… then we were let loose to chat and interact with all of the brands.


The brands included:

I really enjoyed going round all of the brands and chatting to the girls who were working, all of which were ever so knowledgeable and friendly and really down to earth. I often struggle when speaking to people on beauty counters as they can be a little intimidating but these girls were anything but! I was amazed and ever so spoilt by Debenhams as we received gifts from each brand (I still can’t believe it as I’m writing this now) and words can’t describe how lucky I feel to even have been invited. Of course there will be reviews and my thoughts on products coming soon but there are so many that it’s going to take a while, you can also catch mini updates from me on products on my instagram (saffydixon) as I like to show you them in use where possible.

chanel gabrielle

I think it’s very important to also tell you about the relaunch of the ‘Debenhams Beauty Club Card’ which has some amazinggg benefits including; you can earn 3 points for every £1 you spend on beauty, fragrance, beauty services & beauty electricals. You can earn £5 for every 500 points you collect and your points will convert into rewards once a month. You used to have to use your points within a 6 month period and now you have over a year to use them and can redeem up to £50 of points at any one time, I can’t wait to start earning!

So that’s a quick update from me on the Debenhams Beauty Blogger Evening and there will be further updates on specific products coming soon, but make sure to grab a new Beauty Club Card and start earning right away!

Thank you for reading,

Love Saff x


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