Can you complete the challenge of 50 foods in 7 days? With Taymount Clinic

Recently I took on the challenge of eating 50 foods in 7 days and which sounds like an easy challenge but it was harder than it sounds. Today I’m going to challenge you and share how I got on.

Why I did the challenge

A fellow blogger mentioned me in a tweet where fitness and health bloggers were wanted to take part and she thought that It might interest me, so I requested more details as I’m always up a challenge. I’ve suffered with IBS and Gluten/ Wheat for several years and thought that this challenge may help with my problematic stomach, anything is worth a shot, right?

What is the aim of the challenge?

The aim was to achieve diversity in the gut and therefore in your diet too. The challenge was created  by Taymount Clinic, the world’s first faecal microbiota transplant clinic and experts in digestive health, who believe that: “Diversity in the plate = Diversity in the gut flora”. Essentially, the more variety you have in your diet the more balanced and healthier your gut should be as you are getting a variety of different foods and nutrients into your system.

50 foods challenge with taymont clinic

The rules and how you can get involved

50 foods in 7 days this includes:

1) No duplicates – Bagels, buns, rolls, pizza are all wheat so only count as one food (I know it’s just got harder..)

2) Herbs, spices, vinegars and oils are individuals. See how your bowels react and fill in the food chart (please request this and I will email it to you).

Please tag me and Taymount Clinic so we can keep up to date with your progress!

How did I get on?

The first couple of days I thought the challenge was pretty easy as I had managed to eat over 20 foods in two days so thought that by day 7 I would have easily surpassed the goal of 50. Little did I realise that the challenge would get much harder, I did it between the 26th of August and 1st of September just before I went holiday which was probably a bad move as I was trying to clear out my fridge so choice of foods was pretty limited. This was probably a poor decision on my behalf but that wasn’t going to stop me trying, I just had to be a little more inventive.50 foods challenge with taymont clinic snack

I found this a pretty enlightening experience because I was more conscious of what I was eating and consciously trying to eat a variety of foods and I realized that far too often I reach for the same or similar types of food. I found that I during the challenge I had some really unusual foods towards just to get variety in. I ate different things to usual and felt happier with my food choices as a result my stomach felt more settled and less bloated (yay). Oh and if you’re wondering although I struggled towards the end I beat the Taymount Clinic challenge!

t50 foods challenge with taymont clinic char

I’d like to thank Taymount Clinic for my lovely surprise basket full of goodies which those of you who follow me on Instagram would have seen. It included many gluten free treats including a delicious white chocolate, mango and raspberry bar (these guys must have done their homework) gluten free snacks and a fruit tea which helps with water retention! I’m very happy that I had the opportunity to take part in this challenge and will continue to try and implement this into my daily routine going forward. I’d definitely recommend you try the challenge because you too may learn about your gut, overall health and maybe if you need a little more variety too.

Thanks for reading!

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Love Saff x



    • saffydixon
      October 9, 2017 / 8:22 pm

      Thank you for reading, it was pretty difficult I was pleasantly surprised!

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