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I’ve been writing this post for a while as I wanted to make sure I could test the products as much as possible before reviewing them. First here’s a little about the company… Delicious is a small family run business based in Norfolk which was established in December 2011, specialising in custom items. They can tailor pretty much anything to your desired needs, all you need to do is ask.

delicious racewear

I’ve had several hoodies and tee’s from Delicious, but I’m a lover of the gym and really wanted some new activewear. I contacted them in hope of getting some new activewear as I knew they specialised in custom items. They advised me that they were launching a new range of activewear called ‘GET DELICIOUS’ which seemed quirky and right up my street. We discussed some ideas and decided that because Pink and Black are my favourite colours they would design me some items in those colours, a days later Delicious sent me a sports bra, leggings and two workout tops. I’ve worn these constantly, definitely enough to be able to review them and give them justice!

‘Bright Pink Delicious sports bra’ Size 8

In my opinion you can never have enough sports bras and so this seemed like an obvious item choice to me, this is my favourite sports bra ever! The criss-cross detailing on the back turns what could be a plain design into something that little bit more unique. It’s also pink so perfectly matches my trainers and is really comfy too. I find with a lot of sports bras that the material is really thin, so if you aren’t careful they can be a bit see through. There were several colours I could’ve had this one in but as Pink is my favourite it was a no brainer. Delicious have chosen a really nice font for the logo and the White writing is perfect as Black would have been wayyyy too harsh.

‘Black Delicious gym leggings’ Size 8

delicious racewear

Let’s start by saying gym leggings are way more comfortable than shorts, they stay where they should and they are just so much more flattering, these ones in particular as they are high waisted. Yes that’s right I said high waisted, I can’t get on with hipsters because they don’t suit my long body at all and they make my legs look really really short so these are perfect! My Delicious leggings are Black so I can then mix and match them with any tee or sports bra without clashing and when you get sweaty these leggings don’t show this, no-one wants a sweaty bum when working out do they? I could’ve had other colours but I didn’t and I’m really glad these are Black because they are super stretchy, they don’t go see-through when working out and I love the way the delicious logo is tied into the design by having the ‘Bomb’ in Delicious going down the leg. Another thing that I must add is they are the perfect length for my not so long legs, just for reference I am 5ft 6In and usually wear 28In Jeans/Trousers.

‘Pink fitted sports tee’ Size S

delicious racewear

I instantly loved the colour of this tee however was a little weary as Pink usually shows sweat marks easily and I’m a sweaty person. The last thing I wanted was to wear a bright pink tee and have massive sweat marks because it’s not attractive at all. I put this tee to the test on a very humid day because if you’re going to test something you need to do it properly right? I got my sweat on and was amazed because I could hardly notice that I was sweating at all, I literally couldn’t believe it! The fabric is light and breathable and the tee is fitted which is nice because if items are too loose you can look and feel a little square. Again it fits in well with the Delicious branding as it says ‘GET DELICIOUS’ on the corner of the tee without being in your face or too small that you can’t see it.

‘Black loose fit, mesh insert tee’ Size M

delicious racewear

This is my favourite item of all, the reason being I can wear it whatever the weather… hot or cold. The material is breathable and the mesh inserts act as extra ventilation or If it’s cold then it covers some of my arms too. I like that you can tie the top up at the bottom too because last thing I want is to be doing mountain climbers or a plank and have my top flapping around everywhere because that would just be annoying. Those who know me will know that I’m a lover of mesh and comfy clothing particularly in Black so Delicious did a great job in designing this tee for me!

My overall thoughts

I’m very impressed with the quality of the four items I received. The sizes were perfect which surprised me as you can never be too sure when buying online and the quality is excellent too. I’ve worn all my items to the gym and washed them over and over again and they still look brand new, the Pinks haven’t faded and the logos are still 100% intact! One thing I ask of my gym wear is that it stretches and doesn’t end up saturated with sweat which these items are successful at avoiding (I know it’s gross but I wanted this review to be 100% honest, which I try to be in all my posts). I look forward to more custom designed items in the future and can’t wait to see what Delicious come up with next.

Don’t forget for all your custom needs you can find Delicious on:




Whatever custom items you need whether in bulk or for individual items they are the company for you, they produce great quality, affordable items in a timely manner!

Thank you for reading,

Love Saff x


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