Get outside – Spring! 🌸

Spring is here and it’s getting warmer, it’s that time where it’s not warm enough to ditch the jacket but you still need something to keep warm. 

I don’t know about you but over the last few months I’ve got into the habit of sitting in on my lunch break or going to Costa to grab a coffee and a treat rather than going outside and getting some fresh air or going for a walk on my own or with friends.

Within the last week or so I have noticed such a difference in the weather and I’ve started to get out a bit more to enjoy it. Winter didn’t seem that bad this year and I definitely don’t think it was as cold I just used it as an excuse to treat myself because who doesn’t like a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows and warm soup with fresh bread dipped in?

Now it’s getting warmer I’ve started walking to the shops to get bits I need at lunch rather than taking my car. It’s great as it passes the time, saves me money on fuel, counts as exercise and it makes me think about if I really need that one thing from the shop or am I just bored?

Today I was off work on annual leave, it left me lots of time to do what I wanted. It was a fairly productive day: I started creating my new website, planned some future blog posts, got some products for a new hair colouring project, prepared my food for the next few days and went for a trip to the river for lunch.

I went with my boyfriend to the river, who I’m lucky enough to work in the same building as. He asked if I wanted to meet him as it’s my favourite place to visit close by and we hadn’t been in so long as it was too cold, it was 18 degrees and I needed some fresh air so how could I say no? We sat there for almost an hour with no phones, just us the swans and passers by watching the world go and the sunshine reflect on the river! It was really nice just the two of us chatting about rubbish and enjoying what was going on. There’s a bridge that goes over a train track that you have to cross to get to the river and we always see who can get over it the fastest because when the trains go under the bridge shakes like mad and it’s kind of scary, so you definitely don’t want to be on it when they do!

Today’s post started off me wanting to tell you how I like to get outside on my breaks, but has ended up me trying to encourage you to put down your phone or turn off your laptop or tablet for even just half an hour and get outside and enjoy what’s out there. You don’t need to spend any money or go with anyone to have a good time if you don’t want to. You don’t even need to go anywhere, maybe just take a book outside to read or go for a walk and see what’s really around you, you may discover a new favourite place or rediscover an old one.

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s post, I’d love to know about what you do on your breaks or your favourite places to explore.

Happy reading!

Love Saff x


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